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NA Day 8: Obey Pulls Their Weight, Noble Tries a Change

Catch up on what happened in Day 8 of NA Pro League.

Game 1: Mouz 6-3 C9

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Map: Clubhouse

Mouz: England, Beastly, Vandal, VertcL, Hyper

C9: LaXInG, Mark, FoxA, Goddess, Retro

DreamHack Montreal champions Cloud9 played against Mousesports, in a match that C9 were heavy favorites to win. It was a rematch of the match the two teams played at Montreal, which C9 won emphatically, two maps to one. However, in this match, Mouz came out hot and won 6-3 on clubhouse. This victory catapults Mouz above C9 in the rankings for NA Pro League.

Game 2: SK 5-5 Obey

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Map: Consulate

SK: Mint, Hotancold, Jarvis, Pojoman, Nyx

Obey: Skys, Benji, MahMan, Bosco, Adam

In a game between the first and last place teams in North America, SK was significantly favored to walk all over Obey, so it was shocking to many when Obey stormed out to an early lead. However, with a few strong plays, SK managed to come back and draw.

Game 3: Evil Geniuses 6-3 Rogue

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Map: Coastline

EG: Yung, BC, nvK, Canadian, Geoo

Rogue: easilyy, Slashug, Ecl9pse, Shuttle, Supr

Longtime rivals Evil Geniuses and Rogue faced off in another DreamHack Montreal rematch, this time a semifinal rematch, a match which Rogue had previously won. However, EG with new signing geoo, stomped Rogue, 6 to 3, and promptly jumped their rivals in the standings, moving up to joint second.

Game 4: Noble 2-6 Spacestation

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Map: Coastline

Noble: Krazy, Breezy, Heavy, Acid, Yeti

Spacestation: Bryan, Chala, ThinkingNade, Redeemer, Rampy

In a battle between 2 teams that are trending up, Spacestation was victorious, 6 to 2. This was Noble’s first Pro League match after switching the roles of Acid and Krazy, and the switch did not seem to work. Conversely, Spacestation performed quite well with their new team member Bryan, who replaced Shuttle.

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