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FaZe Clan wins BR6 2018

After several weeks of competition, the 1st seed of the tournament, FaZe Clan, has beaten Black Dragons in a close series to claim the BR6 2018 Season 1 title.

The four best-placed teams in BR6 faced off against each other on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro to determinate who would be the champion of one of the most competitive regions in Siege. The four finalists were FaZe Clan, Black Dragons (NiP), Team oNe and YEAH! Gaming (PaiN Gaming) who had to qualify through a ladder system to decide which is the best team in Brazil. The event was held in Game XP, a large gaming event in Brazil which has the largest screen in the world with more than 4 thousand people in attendance to watch the finals.

Before the matches recap, it´s important to remember that they were played in the main build of the game, so there were no Clash, Maverick or any buff/nerf post-Grim Sky.

YEAH! Gaming (4th) vs Team oNe (3rd)

The finals kicked off Oregon which was a close first map. Although the score was 6-3 in favor of YEAH!, the rounds weren´t easy for them. All of them were hard-fought with just a 4k from Spawnsss winning the map for YeaH!. Bank started just like Oregon with Team oNe fighting back, before YEAH! quickly suppressed their opponents and swept taking the map 6-1 and series 2-0.

YEAH! Gaming (4th) vs Black Dragons (2nd)

YEAH! repeated their strong performance on Bank against Black Dragons, but the match favorites Black Dragons managed to get the win in overtime. Julio played a huge role in BD´s defense with his Maestro helping the team a lot during the game. Border wasn´t easy for BD as well, with alternate wins for each side, however, they managed to win the closing two rounds in succession and finished the series with a hard-fought 2-0 score.

Black Dragons (2nd) vs FaZe Clan (1st)

Both teams gave the viewers a spectacular Sunday evening with a match the fans of both teams will not forget. The first map, Club House, saw back and forth wins by each team, however, in the end, FaZe came out on top. The dragons showed why they chose Consulate next with a dominant win over their rivals; the key for BD´s win was a solid defense on Garage and the Upper Floor, which didn't allow FaZe to even enter the site. The next and final map was the opposite of Consulate as FaZe dominated BD on Border with a well-organized defense. The series ended 2-1 for the team led by GohaN.

FaZe Clan has now won the second BR6 in a row and remains the only champion of the tournament. All of the teams will return in the second half of the LATAM Pro League on Wednesday, make sure to follow all of the action!

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