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US Nationals: Stage 1 Recap and Stage 2 Preview

With one stage of competition complete, there are two more to go in the US Nationals!

Stage 1

Western Conference

In the Western Conference Qualifier #1, we saw Challenger League squads Disrupt and Motiv8 Gaming (now ex-Motiv8) advance past the other 21 teams and face off in the Qualifier #1 Final. On their way, Disrupt impressed as they defeated Pro League squad Spacestation Gaming in the Round of 16. Disrupt took down Motiv8 on Coastline and Border in a quick best-of-three. You can see our stats here or watch the full match on YouTube.  Disrupt moved on to play the winner of the Western Conference Qualifier #2, which ultimately ended up being Spacestation Gaming, whom they defeated in the first qualifier. Spacestation’s run through the bracket did not prove to be challenging as they did not face any Challenger League or Pro League squad. They advanced to the Stage 1 Finals after a victory over Deception, which you can watch here.

In the Western Conference Stage 1 Finals, Disrupt and Spacestation faced off on Border and Bank. Spacestation took the first map Border, which was Disrupt’s choice, by a score of 6-3.  On Bank, Spacestation secured their victory and a trip to the US Nationals LAN with a 6-2 map win! You can watch this match here.

Spacestation defeated Disrupt by a score of 2-0 in Stage 1 of the Western Conference.

Eastern Conference

Qualifier #1 of the Eastern Conference saw more pro-level competition, featuring Noble Esports, mousesports, Obey Alliance, and the Elephant Gang. Obey and mousesports met in the Quarter-Finals, where Obey advanced after a best-of-one on Villa. On the other side of the bracket, Noble and Elephant Gang met in the Semi-Finals, and Noble narrowly beat out the elephants in a 6-4 match on Border. This set up a Grand Final between Obey and Noble, which was played on Border and Coastline. Noble continued their victory on Border and also took map two and advanced to the Eastern Conference Stage 1 Finals.  Here are our stats from the match, which you can watch on YouTube. In the Eastern Conference Qualifier #2, Obey and mousesports faced off in the Round of 32, a matchup mousesports won after a victory on Oregon. mouz continued through the bracket and ultimately defeated Renascence on Coastline and Clubhouse in the Final, which you can watch here.

Now at the Eastern Conference Stage 1 Finals, Noble and mousesports faced off on Oregon and Clubhouse.  The squads reached the final round of overtime on Oregon, which Noble won, giving them a 7-6 victory.  On the second map, the teams nearly went the distance again, but Noble won a tightly-contested twelfth round to advance to the US Nationals LAN. You can watch Noble’s 2-0 victory on YouTube!

Noble will be at the US Nationals LAN following their 2-0 victory in Stage 1 of the Eastern Conference.


Stage 2

Western Conference

In the next two weeks, the online qualifiers for Stage 2 of the US Nationals will be played. In Qualifier #1, Challenger League squads ex-Motiv8 and The Nomads will be competing while Rogue will be competing in Qualifier #2. You can track the progress of each bracket on the US Nationals portal beginning September 8th!

Eastern Conference

On the Eastern side, Obey Alliance is the only Challenger League or Pro League team set to compete so far in the first qualifier. In Qualifier #2, we will see Renascence, who was defeated by mousesports in the Eastern Conference Stage 1 qualifiers. You can track the progress of each bracket on the US Nationals Portal. Qualifier #1 begins on September 8th and Qualifier #2 will follow on September 15th.


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