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EU Transfers: Latest Updates

LATEST: Joghurtzz joins T3H Esports

As the SiegeGG hub for all roster changes in Europe, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check back here to keep up to date with all upcoming changes.   

Summary of Changes So Far

  • BAKABRYAN joins Team OrgLess
  • AceeZ joins Millenium
  • Hungry and SirBoss join while Voy, Alive and Fisker (their coach) leave Mock-it Esports
  • PENTA Esports acquires Mock-it roster
  • Mock-it Esports acquires OrgLess roster
  • Joghurtzz joins T3H Esports after being kicked from Millenium

Roster Change

    7. (T3H Esports) Joghurtzz joins T3H Esports

After officially leaving Millenium earlier in the week the French player of Nolan "Joghurtzz" Crouzery has joined the German Challenger League team of T3H Esports. Here he will play alongside Oraghon, PARAA, PrydzZ and aRanioN in Challenger League when it restarts tonight.


    6. (OrgLess) Roster acquired by Mock-it Esports

Following a number of changes which saw the 3 players of Hungry, PARAA and AceeZ leave the team, the roster of ripz, Vale, KS, Korey and BakaBryan has been picked up by the well-known organisation of Mock-it Esports. Mock-it Esports was, until just yesterday, represented by the roster of Panix, Enemy, RevaN, Hungry, and SirBoss -- a mixed European team which sits in 5th place in Pro League. However, following the acquisition of that roster by PENTA Sports, Mock-it has acquired the only remaining org-less team in the NA, EU or LATAM Pro Leagues with the hope that, despite recent changes, they will still be competitive with the top teams.


     5. (Millenium) -Joghurtzz

Just prior to the Paris Major Joghurtzz was benched by Millenium and was replaced by the ex-Pro League champion of Falko for the event. Now, as AceeZ joins Millenium as their 5th, Joghurtzz has officially been dropped from the roster just 3 days before Pro League is set to restart.


     4. (Mock-it) Roster acquired by PENTA Sports

PENTA Sports have previously won Seasons 1, 4 and 5 of Pro League as well as the 2018 Six Invitational making them by far the most successful organisation in Siege history, however, after their roster of Pengu, jOONAS, Goga, Fabian, Kantoraketti, Shas (their coach) and Ferral (their analyst) were picked up by G2 Esports prior to the Six Major in Paris, the org found themselves for the first time in competitive Siege history, without a roster. This has now been remedied as they pick up the Mock-it Esports roster of Panix, Enemy, RevaN, Hungry and SirBoss.


  1. (OrgLess) -AceeZ +BAKABRYAN

After AceeZ joined Millenium, leaving an empty spot in the team, team OrgLess has found a replacement in the Swiss player Bryan “BAKABRYAN” Tester. He is the second Swiss player to join the Pro League after Panix from Mock-it, and is a well-known member of the Siege community in online circles as he appeared in many of Pengu’s streams, but is an unknown as far as competitive play.


  1. (Millenium) -Joghurtzzz +AceeZ

Since Maurice "AceeZ" Erkelenz announced his departure from team OrgLess a few days ago on twitter, we have been patiently waiting for the big reveal what team he would be joining next. Just moments ago it was announced he will be joining the French squad Millenium.

Winners of Dreamhack Austin 2018, Millenium had previously benched their long-time player Joghurtzz prior to the Paris Major, due to internal issues in the team. Replacing him for the event as a stand-in was Falko who has history with some of the Millenium roster dating back to Season 2 of the Pro League where they came out as champions under the name Yunktis.


  1. (Mock-it) -Voy/Alive/Fisker +Hungry/SirBoss

The French Champions, Mock-it Esports decided to drop two of their players, Alive and Voy and their coach, Fisker. Alive and Fisker joined the team before Season 8 of Pro League, while Voy joined Mock-it together with the former Vitality roster earlier this year.

The two players to replace them are Hungry and SirBoss. Hungry was previously playing for team Orgless but decided to part ways from the team due to disagreements about organizations. SirBoss played for T3H Esports, a EU Challenger League team


This article will be updated with changes as they happen, check back here or keep track of updates from SiegeGG’s Twitter account.

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