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#7 Player of Year 6: Achieved

TSM's star was a key piece in their performance all year, especially in a stunning SI-winning run.

It takes a very special run at a very special tournament for one international performance to outshine three. Matthew “Achieved” Solomon had one of those runs. 

For a portion of the year, TSM FTX looked to be dead in the water. Underwhelming regional results followed by a disappointing Mexico Major (partially for COVID-related reasons outside of their control) had many not thinking much of TSM FTX heading into SI 2022. One of North America’s traditional top four had to play their way into the tournament in the closed qualifier. 

Once TSM FTX made the SI stage, however, they impressed. Achieved and co. crushed the opposition en route to a hammer-lifting SI victory – during which, Achieved notched a 1.15 SiegeGG Rating, on par with his teammate Merc, the MVP of the event. On the year, he had a 1.13 Rating, good for eighth-best in the world, making him one of the world’s most consistent domestic players as well as an SI champion.

SI 2022 was a storybook run for TSM FTX, and it could not have happened without Achieved’s brilliance. 

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