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Six Major Paris - Immortals Interview

We spoke to Px, the sub of Immortals, to discuss his upcoming games at the Six Major Paris and their new organization.

Very well known and respected in the Brazilian competitive scene, Immortals might be considered a dark horse for those that don’t keep up with the LATAM Pro League. They join the two powerhouses of Evil Geniuses and Millenium in Group C of the Paris Major. Don’t be deceived, though, for the ex-BRK e-Sports roster is currently top 2 in the LATAM PL and is coming into their first international LAN event with full strength.

Immortals qualified to the Paris Major after beating the strong team of Ninjas in Pajamas (NiP) in the upper bracket finals. We sat down with Px to pick his brain about the upcoming tournament and their new organization.

You recently subbed Yuuk in to the main line-up from a coaching position; what led you to make this decision and how do you think it has aided the team?

We were having a difficult time, which led us to analyze what could be done to make us improve. First we replaced D1OGO1 with Yuuk but we felt that the team’s performance had not improved as we wished, so I asked to be replaced as I had not been feeling comfortable as a player for some time. I think that this decision gave a breath of fresh air to the team!

The Immortals organization picked you up just before Season 8 began. How has your time with the new org been?

Our work with Immortals is making progress for both sides. Immortals is a totally professional organization and  we are learning a lot with them.

This is your first international LAN as a team, how have you prepared for it?

Immortals managed to bring us to Madrid (Movistar eSport Center) to bootcamp! Of course we are still learning a lot about playing abroad as it’s our first time but we are practicing every day and we are very optimistic about our games!

In your group there are the veteran teams of Millenium and Evil Geniuses; how do you think you will fair against these two teams?

We always need to think that we will win, but we know that these two matches will be tough challenges. That is why we are working hard to prepare for this major, even though I think that every team in PL is skilled and ready nowadays! It will be a tough tournament!

What is your personal highlight in your Rainbow Six Siege career so far?

The most important moment in my career was when I played for Merciless Gaming and we managed to win the promotion to Pro League. It was then that everything started and it was because of this moment that I started to be thankful for everything that happened in my life.

Immortals' first match of the Paris Major will be on monday against Millenium on the official Rainbow Six twitch channel.