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Dev Blog: Reintroducing Discord Login!

We finally reintroduce the Discord Login for our site. Connect your account now!

Hi, I’m Kev, the Head Developer for SiegeGG.

With the release of SiegeGG v2.0, we favored a simple login with email and password over a Discord login. Beforehand, we experienced critical issues with the Discord login in the 1.0 version of SiegeGG. We did not want to use a technology that was harming the user experience. Duplicating user accounts and more were part of the issues. Thus, we did not plan on adding it in the near future again.

With SiegeGG v2.0, we introduced a radically reworked back-end using a PHP framework. The framework provides us with features that reduce the effect of some mentioned bugs. Therefore, you are now able to log in to SiegeGG via Discord. Logging in with Discord has some advantages over the simple login. Firstly, you only have to remember one password for Discord. Additionally, the login process is much faster than entering your email and password. You will also no longer rely on a Gravatar account as your Discord avatar will be used instead. As we do not support two-factor-authentication, you will be guarded by Discord and their Wumpuses, Wumpi, Wumps, whatever.

If you are not yet a member of the SiegeGG site, head over to and click on “Register With Discord”. You will be taken to a page at Discord where you can authorize SiegeGG to use your email address and see in which servers you are. If you agree with that, hit the “Authorize” button and you will be taken back to the SiegeGG site. You should now be logged in.

If you already have an account at the SiegeGG site and want to take advantage of the Discord login, go to your Dashboard and click on the “Connect Discord” button.

If you encounter any bugs and issues or want to stay up to date with the latest Rainbow Six: Siege esports news, feel free to join our SiegeGG Discord server. Thank you!

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