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NA Day 7: SSG Surprises, SK Remains on Top

Catch up on what happened during the North American Pro League Play Day #7.

Game 1: Obey Alliance 2 - 6 Cloud 9 

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Map: Bank 

Obey: Bosco, Skys, MahMan, Adam and Benji

C9: Goddess, Laxing, Retro, Shlongii and FoxA


In this battle to not end up at the bottom of the league for this first half, both teams were looking to get their second win of the season. C9 started the ban phase by removing Lion, Obey responded with Glaz and Valkyrie and C9 finished things up by getting rid of Maestro. With this win Cloud 9 gets to start the next half of the season at the seventh place but Obey will have to get things rolling if they want to get a good result in Paris.


Game 2: Rogue 6  - 4 Noble Esports 

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Map: Clubhouse 

Rogue: Slashug, Easilyy, Geoo, Ecl9pse and Bryan

Noble: Yeti, Heavy, Krazy, Breezy and Acid


After losing 2-6 vs EG just yesterday, rogue came in looking to prove that they are still a top team in the region and that last week’s result was only a slump while Noble was looking to breach into the top 3 in the standings. Rogue started by taking off Hibana to which Noble responded with Lion and Mira, Rogue banned Maestro with their last ban. In this strongly defence sided game, Rogue took the 3 points by winning their last attacking round after being 5-0 up but going all the way to the 10th round.  Rogue now find themselves in the second place of the standings before going to Paris, while Noble goes down to the fifth place.



Game 3: Spacestation Gaming 6 - 4 Evil Geniuses

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Map: Bank

SSG: Chala, Redeemer, Thinkingnade, Rampy and Shuttle

EG: Canadian, Yung, nvK, BC and Necrox


EG approached this game with the possibility of ending the first half of the season as #1 in the region while SSG was looking to get into the top 3. EG banned Hibana and Mira and on the other hand, SSG banned Lion and Pulse. With this loss, EG dropped from the second place to the third and SSG jumped from fifth to fourth.


Game 4: Mousesports 3  - 6 SK Gaming

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Map: Bank 

Mouz: VertcL, Vandal, Neptunez, Hyper and Beastly

SK: Mint, Pojoman, Hotancold, Jarvis and Nyx


SK looked to keep their first place before the half-season break, their rivals of Mouz were looking to enter the top half of the standings. Mouz banned Blitz and Valkyrie while SK banned the Japanese duo of Hibana and Echo. After their fifth win this season SK keeps the top of the leaderboard going into the Paris Major break, on the other hand, Mouz goes down to seventh place and only 1 point away from the bottom of the table.


These are the standings for NA Pro League at these seasons halfway mark:

Be sure to catch Day 8 of North American Pro League on the official Twitch and YouTube channels on Monday, September 10th at  8 pm EDT, 2 am CEST and 9 pm BRT. To see all the upcoming games schedules, go to our Matches page, and check out completed games stats by clicking on the individual games.