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#6 Player of Year 6: Merc

Success as TSM's new IGL and Six Invitational MVP honors earns Merc a place on the list

The biggest pre-SI move was TSM FTX moving Bryan “Merc” Wrzek to IGL. 

The calls from the front lines paid dividends for TSM FTX, who almost immediately began a tear at SI. The run led them all the way to lift a hammer, and Merc was SiegeGG’s MVP of the tournament. 

Historically, Merc has been statistically brilliant. He’s a member of TSM FTX’s “trident” – one of three players at the tip of the spear who have the mechanical capability to win rounds single-handedly. 

At SI, Merc was never more statistically solid. He earned a 1.15 SiegeGG Rating, and had a 1.08 Rating on the year. 

Beyond stats, it’s clear that Merc settled into his role as the IGL, and his increased responsibility during rounds has led to victories for TSM FTX. With all his tangibles, accolades, and intangibles, he qualifies for this spot on SiegeGG’s top ten players of the year list.

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