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Pannari Leaves Competitive Siege

The Finn announced on Twitter that he would be leaving T3H Esports and taking a break from competitive Rainbow Six Siege.

Earlier on Twitter, Otto "pannari" Heikkinen announced his departure from T3H Esports and competitive Rainbow Six: Siege rather unexpectedly.


When asked for a statement, Pannari had little to say.

I just need a break, that's all.

The Finnish player has had a storied history in competitive Rainbow: Six Siege. A player from the very first day of the Pro League, he made his debut with the mixed-European team of TCM-Gaming. After the end of that season, he moved to The Wise, but was only on the roster for a month as he then joined Playing Ducks -- albeit a far different one than the one widely known for their Season 3 Grand Finals appearance.

Not finding the success he desired, he then took a sabbatical during the entirety of Season 3, before making a comeback with Euronics Gaming at the inaugural Six Invitational in 2017. His tenure there would be short as well, however, after his side fell to Santos Dexterity (now FaZe Clan). He would then join the all-Finnish roster of GiFu eSports, and would stay with them for the entirety of Year 2. Unfortunately, he would suffer first-round exits at the global LAN finals in Season 4, and in Season 5 after the GiFu roster had been picked up by ENCE eSports.

Pannari playing for ENCE eSports

His perseverance would be finally rewarded, though, with a championship victory a season later. In Sao Paulo, the Finns performed at their very best, with all members firing on full cylinders. However, his second Six Invitational in early 2018 would be far more disappointing, with the now-departed Shatte seeming to have taken a lot of the chemisty in the team with him, as ENCE barely made it to the Quarter Finals.

Season 7 would be a trying time for ENCE as well, as they failed to make it to a LAN finals for the first time in their history, and were relegated to the Challenger League (CL). Not feeling at home in the squad any longer, Pannari then departed for fellow CL team T3H Esports, with whom he made it as far as the group stages in the DreamHack events in Austin and Valencia. 

Evidently, he was worn down by the grind, and has elected to take a break from competitive Rainbow Six: Siege, leaving T3H Esports in the process. He has promised to return, though, and his Tweet gives hope that he could once more make his comeback at the Six Invitational.

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