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US Nationals Qualifier Finals Tonight

The first qualifier of the US Nationals ends tonight with the East and West Finals being played on the Official rainbow6 Channels.

US Nationals Qualifier Finals Tonight

The US Nationals revealed one month ago sees the best all-American teams face off to determine who gains the title of “Team USA” as well as their slice of the $59k prize pool. The tournament consists of 12 separate qualifier events split between the East and West “Conferences” to determine the top 3 teams in each region who will join the two wildcard teams at the LAN finals in December.

The full bracket to the US Nationals LAN Final in December

Tonight sees the conclusion of the first two Qualifiers with the winners being just one game away from the LAN Final:



The Western Conference Final

The West sees a surprise match between Disrupt Gaming and Motiv8 Gaming:

The organisation Disrupt Gaming earlier this week picked up the old Bittersweet roster of Spades, Modigga, Gotcha, Remorce and Oasis who are hoping to qualify for Season 8 of Challenger League. The team has a lot of previous experience in Remorce, an ex-Pro League player from Year 1, as well as Spades and Gotcha who both played in Season 7 of Challenger League and will see this as their first chance to show up for their newly formed team.


Motiv8 Gaming, however, has a much more well-known roster of Talon, Billboard, Yellow, Cookiez, Chapstick and ReadtheBook (their coach) of which the core competed in Season 7 of Pro League; the team however suffered a disastrous Season winning just 5 rounds before being relegated. The team since has seen a new boost of life having reacquired the ex-Counter Logic Gaming player of Chapstick and since finding victories over Rogue and Cloud9 in the One Game Agency (OGA) Pit Tournament showing they still do show promise.

The Eastern Conference Final

The East, however, will provide a more conventional Final with the two Pro League teams of Noble esports and Obey Alliance:

Last season Noble esports found success in winning the North American Challenger League and qualifying for Pro League and now, with the roster of Yeti, Heavy, Acid, breezy, Krazy and knightmares (their coach) has shown their strength beating fellow Pro League teams of mouseports and SK during Season 8. The team has, however, shown their inexperience leading to a series of close losses to Evil Geniuses and Obey Alliance which the roster will be eager to remedy going forward.

Finally, Obey Alliance, with the roster of MahMan, Bosco, Skys, Adam, Benji, Kenz and Snake_Nade (their two coaches), is a team which has seen very mixed success across various tournaments. The team currently stands in 7th position in NA Pro League having won just one game in the five so far however managed to beat mousesports and almost beat Evil Geniuses in the OGA Pit tournament and, before that, won the NA Paris Major Open Qualifier ahead of many other Pro League teams to qualify for one of the biggest tournaments in Siege history. The roster will be hoping to show their true form in this competition and hopefully show that their Open Qualifier run wasn’t a fluke.

You can catch these two matches on the Official rainbow6 Twitch account tonight at 8PM EST casted by the usual Pro League talent. Furthermore, you can sign-up to one of the upcoming qualifiers right here.