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Aerowolf Signs Team Envy Roster

Just an hour prior to the APAC Paris Major Qualifiers LAN event, the Singaporean roster of Team Envy has been picked up by Indonesian org Aerowolf.

The organisation currently already had a team also in the Southeast Asian (SEA) Pro League, who will be reverting to their former name of Scrypt from this point in the season.

Aerowolf hail from Indonesia, and have been a familiar face in these first three SEA Pro League play weeks. While they are not a sizeable or well-known organisation, team captain Lunarmetal shared why he chose to lead his team in that direction.

It’s a tough challenge to find a good organisation close to home, and Aerowolf is a great one that fit the bill. Their owner’s character impressed me a lot, and we have very similar views on work ethic and esports, so it was fairly straightforward to sign with them.

Team Envy have had a storied history in the game, with Lunarmetal, Reveck, and Ysaera having had played the game since the very first season. In 2017, they became the first team from Asia-Pacific (APAC) to feature at an international LAN, and also the first team to win a map at an international LAN event at the inaugural Six Invitational.

Ysaera at the 2017 Six Invitational

Since then, they have had limited international success, having been unable to make it to another international event. They have, however, faced the eventual champions twice in the single-elimination seasonal APAC LAN finals, and have arguably been second-best at every event. Now, with Fnatic and NORA-Rengo already having qualified, they are favourites to qualify to the Paris Major at the Qualifiers LAN beginning on July 14th.

Catch them in action against Athletico Esports in the APAC Paris Major Qualifiers LAN Semi-Finals later today, the 14th of July, on the Rainbow6ANZ Twitch channel at 7PM AEST (GMT+10) cast by Simon “amFlea” Davis and Sam “Monkeyfist” Royals.

The Aerowolf roster is thus:

  Glen “Lunarmetal” Suryasaputra

  Adrian “Ysaera” Wui

  Warren “Reveck” Lim

  Jeremy “HysteRiX” Tan

  Allessandro Billy “Array” Adi Dwiputra