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DreamHack Valencia: BYOC-Qualified Teams

After a day of action, four teams will be advancing to the Group Stage of DreamHack Valencia!

Today, while the invited teams were competing on stream, eight BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) squads were battling to join the invitees during the Group Stage of DreamHack Valencia.  At the end of the day, four teams advance to the Group Stage: Trust Gaming, x6tence, Sous-Marin, and T3H eSports.


DH Valencia BYOC
Trust Gaming, x6tence, Sous-Marin, and T3H eSports all qualified for the Group Stage of DreamHack Valencia


Trust Gaming

Trust Gaming is a Dutch/Belgian squad consisting of Craxan, Deapek, Avaiche, Snuf, and Leonski.  They recently competed at the ESL Benelux Season 1 Finals, where they defeated Flash Point and Team Demise to be crowned champions!  During the BYOC stage of DreamHack Valencia, they swiftly defeated Movistar Riders and Dragons E.C., both by a score of 2-0.  They will be in Group A with PENTA Sports, Team Vitality, and EnD Gaming.




x6tence is a Spanish roster with familiar face weskeRR as well as Naigal7, kuriboh, Indra, and JuK4.  They compete in the ESL Spanish Masters alongside Dragons E.C., whom they defeated to advance past the BYOC stage!  On their way to the Group Stage, they also defeated the Movistar Riders.  They will be in Group B with Ninjas in Pyjamas, IDK, and Mock-It Esports.




Sous-Marin is a French team currently looking for an organization to represent.  Their roster consists of BadTraK, Eaqz, Undead, Quaal, and PrimaL.  During their run to the Group Stage, they defeated The G-Lab Addicts twice, both with a 2-0 scoreline!  Joining them in Group C is Rogue, ENCE, and Charity Nerds.



T3H eSports

T3H is a European squad who are no strangers to the DreamHack BYOC stage.  At the recent DreamHack in Austin, they qualified for the Group Stage through the BYOC, but failed to advance to the playoffs.  Their roster consists of Oraghon, SirBoss, pannari, aRanioN, and PrydzZ.  They will be in Group D with Chaos, Millenium, and Cloud9.


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