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Method Joins OGA Pit, Replaces Vitality

Method will now compete in the $15,000 tournament in the place of Team Vitality later today.

The “One Game Agency” Pit tournament consists of three separate double elimination tournaments, one for each of the three main regions, with the European and Latin American competitions kicking off last week. The next playday was set to be tonight, July 4th, with PENTA Sports vs Mock-it Esports and Millenium vs Team Vitality however, due to conflicts with the Paris Major Open Qualifier Semi-Finals, Team Vitality has withdrawn to be replaced by the British team Method.

The brackets prior to this change via Liquipedia

Method, with the roster of TankNinjaz, Jugger, Meadzzz, Kaktus, Kendrew, Noera and Nouda (their coach) has competed in a number of competitions including Season 7 of Challenger League in which they finished in 3rd in a very difficult Group B and the current season of the European Cyber-athletic Championship Series (CCS) in which they currently rank in 3rd place. These results, however, was with TangyD on the team who recently left to join T3H eSports and has been replaced by Noera, a player with much less experience at these higher levels.

Method’s Challenger League Season 7 group stage results

This team will be going into the competition as the absolute underdogs as the lowest seeded team participating in any of the OGA Pit tournaments with a difficult opening game against Millenium, the second seed team in Europe. We spoke with Meadzzz about the team’s thoughts as they enter the tournament:

Can you tell us a bit about your team, for instance how the players came together and what your current roles are?

Before we had the organisation Method, me, TankNinjaz and Jugger had been playing together for a long time having to change our roster adding Kaktus and Kendrew into the mix along with our newest member Noera starting for the OGA Pit tournament. Our current roles would be Jugger and Noera on entry, Kaktus and kendrew on flex, TankNinjaz as the in game leader and support player and Meadzzz as a support and flex.

This is a fairly last minute announcement, have you had any chance to prepare for the tournament? 

We have had 0 preparations for this specific tournament but we have been practicing with Noera for CCS and Challenger qualifiers.

Your first game is against Millenium, how confident are you going into it?

We have played Millenium many times before no fear only that we bring our best on the day.

And, finally, what's your team’s goals for this tournament?

Our Goals for this tournament will be to show our strength with the new addition of Noera and that we can prove to be a strong contender at the high level going forward, also to not get wrecked.

The team they are replacing, Team Vitality, will be playing at 6PM tonight (CEST) in the Paris Major Open Qualifier Semi-Final against another British team, i don’t know. Here they aim to qualify for the Paris Major this August and, ultimately, to take the Major’s title to France.

The brackets for the European Paris Major Open Qualifier Stage 2 winner’s bracket.

You can catch the OGA Pit matches tonight on the OGARainbow6Pit Twitch channel at 5PM CEST with Method’s match scheduled to begin at 7PM CEST.

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