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Nyx Joins SK Gaming, Replaces Waffle

Mint and Hotan confirmed that Zach “Nyx” Thomas has joined their team in replacement of Jeffrey “Waffle” Haworth on a Reddit thread.

After just one game this season, the NA shuffle has claimed EvLWaffle as its first victim.

Waffle joined SK a little bit over a month ago after leaving the Cloud9 roster right before DreamHack Austin. He only got to play one official game with the team when they lost 4-6 against Season 7’s #1 NA seed Rogue on this past Monday.

This is what Hotancold had to say about the roster move in a Reddit thread

[We were] feeling like our team was at an all time low in terms of production this past month, and needed a fresh change with a player who has the drive and will do whatever we need him to.

Mint cleared up the reasoning behind the move in the same thread as well: 

We tried to replace an aggressive player with a passive one and it threw off our team a bit so we decided we had to make a change. Waffle is a great player; he just didn't fit with our team's needs at the moment, which is on us as there were complications on why we couldn't do try outs in the beginning, or else none of this would've happened. But we are excited to continue with Nyx, he's subbed for us for a long time and plays like mini Adam.

Nyx started this past season of CCS playing for Hydra (now known as SiNister Academy). Their run in the CCS took them to 2nd place, only denied by the SK Gaming roster (then known as Homeless)  before their own acquisition. Following this, he moved to Polar Ace, with who he participated in the BYOC in DreamHack Austin 2018.

Shortly after that, he moved to NomadsGG before making the leap to the Pro League with SK Gaming. While previously underaged, Nyx turned 18 earlier this month on June 6th, and thus became eligible for any ESL cups and leagues such as the Pro League.

The SK roster is now as follows:

 Kyle “Mint” Lander

 Matthew “HotanCold” Stevens

 Owen “Pojoman” Mitura

 Sam “Jarvis” Jarvis

 Zachary “Nyx” Thomas

 Alex “Ezley” Easley (Coach)

The new SK Gaming roster will be playing their first official game together next Monday, July 2 at 7pm EST against Noble Esports.

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