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Ex-Yeah! Returns to PaiN Gaming

The now former Yeah! Roster returns to PaiN after some tough 6 months under Yeah! Gaming.

After the announcement that they had left Yeah! Gaming there hasn’t been any news about their future until PaiN Gaming announced on Twitter that they have signed the former Yeah! roster a couple of hours before their Pro League debut for Season 8.

This roster had a couple of bad performances since joining Yeah!, including the Six Invitational in which they couldn’t get out of the groups after beating CLG but losing against Black Dragons and Supremacy. Starting Year 3 Yeah! looked like a contender after winning the Six invitational Qualifiers but in an underwhelming performance, they would fall all the way to relegation where they would beat Very Nice Shot e-Sports 2-1. 

Since these results, however, the roster left YeaH! Gaming after complaining about a lack of communication concerning the team’s game house and some other stuff mentioned in this twitlonger.

The new PaiN Gaming team is:

 Lucas “Spawnsss” Bleichvel

 Gabriel “FK1” Bailer

 Gabriel “GCR” Texeira

 Guilherme “Revo1tz” Lima

 Joao “Yoona” Gabriel

PaiN Gaming will debut under the org today at 22:00 BRT. You can watch them at:

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