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Supremacy replace Tactiss and Alive with Kriisko and Alphama

The French Roster move Tactiss to coach, and replace Mock-It Bound Alive with Krisko and Alphama

Seemingly making use of Pro League’s indefinite delay, the French team Supremacy have announced two roster changes.

Supremacy have moved Quentin “Tactiss” Rousselle to a coaching role, and he will be replaced by Christopher “Kriisko” Caccia, transitioning from Supremacy’s sub bench into the main team. Tactiss said in a statement that his work commitments mean he can’t play some matches and so they replaced him.

As announced earlier, Nathan “Alive” Donday joined Mock-it after the team approached him on June 15. Léo "Alphama" Robine, formerly of DizLown, will replace him on his former squad.

In an interview, Tactiss said that tonight will be the roster’s first practice, which he acknowledges will make the near future challenging: “For the PL and Coupe de France, it will be way harder because Alphama is new to our team and we have to work on all the bomb sites, callouts, meta, and strats and we have such a short time to prepare it.” The Coupe de France is an event that will decide which French team attends the Paris Major.

The Supremacy line-up, therefore, is as follows:

 Tactiss (Sub/Coach)

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