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R6 Women's League Announced for Brazil

Ubisoft Brazil will run a women-only league and LAN final over the next month.

The “Women's Super League” will be the first female-only tournament in Siege’s history with the aim of promoting female talent in both players and casters in the R6 scene. This will take place during the evenings of the 25th and 26th of June, and will see a Best-of-1 Swiss style format to determine the top four teams qualifying for the LAN final. From that stage, the format will expand to a Best-of-3 single elimination bracket format to determine the tournament’s champion.

This LAN final will take place from the 20th to the 22nd of July at the Geek & Game Rio Festival in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. This event offers visitors a chance to attend TV and movie panels, meet and greet various celebrities and, this year, to watch Siege esports in the venue’s “Game Stadium”. These matches will be streamed to the Ubisoftesports Twitch and YouTube channels. while tickets to attend the event can be bought here with prices starting from R$35 ($9).

The festival’s Game Arena will host the LAN Finals of the tournament

The tournament has so far attracted a fair amount of attention with multiple teams having signed up already. The most prominent of these is the newly acquired Team Fontt roster of Lara, Thaii, Myss1, bits and russa. Team Fontt, with the current FaZe Clan roster, had previously got to the Season 5 and 6 Pro League LAN Finals.

However, since the roster departed the org, Fontt saw a new opportunity in this up and coming team. Their new all-female squad will be aiming to not only compete in the Women’s Circuit but also to qualify for Season 8 of Challenger League when the open brackets begins later this month.


"It is a pleasure that we announce our female line of R6! Welcome to the most beautiful line in the scene!"

Not only will the tournament be promoting female players, it will also be the most prominent event to feature female casters in Poulie and Fernanda. 


"Welcome to our Casting duo that will narrate and comment on the Super League Women's Games! It's a pleasure to have you guys on our team!"

Goddess, the first and only female player in the Pro League, at DreamHack Austin 2018

Goddess, though, being the only female in the Pro League was not particularly happy about the segration of women apart from men. The beastcoast player went to Twitter with her concerns, which were echoed by many in the thread.


While women are segregated due to biological differences in physical sports, esports have no such barriers. CS: GO, though, has arguably seen fair success with similar women-only tournaments. Furthermore, it is argued that the presence such tournaments draws more women into competitive gaming without the toxicity and sexism commonly seen in several gaming communities.

Be as it may, though, this tournament will be a great proving ground for many of these female players, who might even end up getting headhunted by Challenger or Pro League teams.

You can find out more about this tournament here. While updates concerning the prize pool and the future of the competition can be found by following the tournament's Twitter account here.