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Dark Sided Drops Warden, Brings in Speca and Vir7ue

The ANZ subregion team's changes were finally confirmed after the transfer window closed in the evening of 16 June.

Dark Sided Drops Warden, Brings in Speca and Vir7ue

A few hours ago, one of the longest lasting members from the APAC team Viewsonic Dark Sided (VSDS) unexpectedly went to Twitter to publicize one of the team’s most recent roster changes. He announced that he had been removed from the active roster and expressed his views on the situation rather publicly. 

Warden is to be replaced by speca, a newer player in the Australian community formerly from Team Verdict. Not much is known about Speca, but he has big shoes to fill in the team that finished joint third at the Season 7 APAC LAN.

VSDS is also making another change by bringing in vir7ue to replace Niko, who left the team on April 25. Virtue was previously on Zero Gaming for Season 7 of the Pro League, and while he is also a fairly new player on PC, he has proved his worth and skill against higher tier players in games against Fnatic and the old VSDS.

The roster changes come just one day before roster lock, meaning that teams will now have to play with the same players up until the Paris Major (i.e. a minimum of two months). Many teams both in APAC and abroad are taking full advantage of the recent Pro League delays to do some last minute changes to their rosters in the hope that it's what they need to reach the next level.

SiegeGG reached out to Fletch, the captain of Viewsonic Darksided, about the situation.

Seeing Warden off after almost 2 years is definitely a setback. But with the addition of vir7ue and speca we believe we will bounce back quickly and regain our top position in APAC.

The team is scheduled to play SYF Gaming on 20 June, although yesterday's announcement regarding yet another delay for the Pro League due to in-game bugs may see that date change. Catch the team in action at from 7PM AEST onwards to see how this new roster fares.

The new VSDS roster is as follows: