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Ex-CryptiK Drops Quantic for Array, Returns to 'Envy' Name

The Southeast Asian roster (formerly playing under the Team CryptiK organisation) sees Quantic retire after being dropped for Aerowolf player Array, with the team returning to the familiar Team Envy moniker.

Ex-CryptiK Drops Quantic for Array, Returns to 'Envy' Name

In a change announced to be coming almost a month ago, the former Team CryptiK roster has finally revealed that they have dropped longstanding member Harri “Quantic” Hong after three straight failures at reaching a second international LAN event. Taking his place will be Alessandro “Array” Billy, the Indonesian player from Aerowolf (formerly Scrypt).

Quantic, meanwhile, will be retiring from competitive Rainbow Six: Siege. His name will be familiar to many, even outside of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. He and the team first got themselves noticed on the international stage after qualifying for the 2017 Six Invitational as APAC representatives. There, despite lacking any formal leagues or cups, the side beat eRa Eternity (now Rogue) on the first map of Clubhouse.

Quantic at the 2017 Six Invitational

Following that performance, Quantic joined the European team Barrage while studying in the United Kingdom, although the side lost both their games and was eventually relegated. Returning to Singapore, he rejoined his old side and attended the Season 6, Invitational Qualifier, and Season 7 APAC LANs, but could not attend a further international LAN event.

The team’s newest member is Array, a fairly new entrant to the professional Rainbow Six scene. Debuting with Team Scrypt last season, his old side made a name for themselves after they pipped the more experienced teams such as UniqueMonster and Team DAD1 to the second APAC LAN berth. He displayed great versatility throughout the season, playing fragging and support roles with aplomb.

When asked about the move, he responded with enthusiasm about his future.

I’m really excited for the new experience ahead. This is a huge jump for me to join a team like Envy.

Team captain Lunarmetal was also happy with the pick up.

In a region like APAC where most R6 players are not ready to play full-time, commitment can be a very big issue. Players need to be ready to train for long hours, sometimes possibly yielding little-to-no reward. 

So when Harri decided to not continue playing competitive R6, Array was one of the players that came to mind. He is one of the most passionate gamers I know, always responsive and just happy all-around, which makes playing Siege a lot more fun. On top of that, Array already has plenty of experience in the Pro League as the previous IGL for Scrypt. Experience, passion and commitment; all of these are traits which are hard to find within SEA, all-in-all making Billy a great fit for our team as we enter the next season.

The team will be going under the Envy banner again

In other news, the team has also decided to revert to the name “Team Envy”, harkening back to the banner they had played the 2017 Invitational under. While they are still looking for an organisation, Lunarmetal was clear that he was in no particular hurry to secure one, and was waiting for the offer that suited his team best.

The team will play their first game on 20 June, Wednesday, immediately going up against Array’s old side of Aerowolf in a Best-of-2 game. Tune in at from 7PM (GMT+8) onwards to catch the teams in action.

The Team Envy roster is thus:

  Glen “Lunarmetal” Suryasaputra

  Adrian “Ysaera” Wui

  Warren “Reveck” Lim

  Jeremy “HysteRiX” Tan

  Allessandro Billy “Array” Adi Dwiputra