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Season 8 ANZ Talent Lineup Revealed

Today, the talent lineup for Pro League Season 8 in the ANZ region was revealed.

Season 8 ANZ Talent Lineup Revealed

Earlier today, ESL Australia announced its talent lineup for Season 8 of Pro League.  The announcement comes a few days after the season was pushed back due to difficulties with the launch of the most recent patch (Operation Para Bellum).  The chosen four casters are well known in the community, all returning from the previous season of Pro League. 

Samuel "Monkeyfist" Royals had this to say about the recent announcement.

I am looking forward to this season for a massive change up in game play. I am expecting to see a more free flowing style of siege, with less reliance on set strats and the difference between teams being on the calibre of IGL's and individual skill rather than how drilled the team is in executing.

ANZ will consist of four casters whose information can be found below:

Simon Davis (Play By Play) - @amFlea1

Brock Upton-Steele (Play By Play) - @ElasticOCE

James Stewart (Colour/Analysis) - @DevmartaCasts 

Samuel Royals (Colour/Analysis) - @Monkeyfist01