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Trust Gaming vs Flash Point Esports | Post-Match Roundup | BeNeLux League Week 6

Catch up on what happened in the BeNeLux League week 6 game between Trust Gaming and Flash Point Esports.

Trust Gaming vs Flash Point Esports | Post-Match Roundup | BeNeLux League Week 6

After what started off as a close game on map 1 the top team in the league, Trust Gaming, defeats Flash Point 2-0.

Flash Point: Deapek, Fml, PRESIDENT, Deox and Maunikrip

Trust Gaming: Snuf, Leonski, Crazan, Avaiche and Aizy

Trust Gaming’s map pick of Consulate started of the day and saw an exciting game between the two teams. The map began with trust Gaming attacking the garage/cafeteria from the east side; this started off well for the attackers with Leonski getting a quick double kill however as after he died the attack fell apart with Ainzy team killing Craxan before Maunikrip killed the last 4 players with a Smoke’s M590A1 shotgun.

The rest of the map was defined by a lack of roam clear and a lack of adaptation leading to a 4-1 lead for Flash Point. This lead started being cut down Trust Gaming began winning the majority of their gunfights before they finally took the lead after a very limited in scope attack by Flash Point. This  saw them push through a single thermite hole in the Garage wall which went horribly for the attackers as Flm was left in a 1v3 after teamkilling Maunikrip using a Capitao firebolt before being finished off by Avaiche giving Trust Gaming the lead. Trust then finally won the map as a 2k from PRESIDENT couldn't help Flash Point close out Round 11.

The standout player from this map was clearly LEONSKI with him getting 16 kills to 9 deaths across the 11 rounds while the entirety of Flash Point had a consistent scoreboard with every player getting near to 6 kills each.

Map 2, Coastline, was Flash Point’s pick however had been a historical favourite of Trust Gaming’s with them holding a 15-2 round record on the map compared to Flash Point who had yet to have played the map during this season of BeNeLux. This fact was shown evidently as Trust Gaming had no problem besting Flash Point who struggled in positioning, leading to many early deaths for them, and time management causing them to run out of time and lose a round they were up in a 4v1. This ultimately meant the series ended in a 2-0 victory for Trust Gaming with map results of 6-5, 5-0 for this side.

Trust Gaming, who had already booked their place at the BeNeLux LAN last week, are now scheduled to play Auxilium next week however Auxilium currently do not have a complete roster and so may be forced to forfeit their match-up. Flash Point meanwhile will play their last game of the season next week with them needing a win against the team of Remote Controlled to guarantee their spot at LAN. This is a match-up they will be confident going into as Remote Controlled have not won a single map, let alone game, the entire season with just 6 round victories so far.

After week 4 the current league standings are:

Week 4 Player stats:

Week 7, the final week of the season, will take place on 13th June 2018 at 18:00 CEST. We will see Big Guns vs Team Demise and remote Controlled vs Flash Point Esports take place on stream, which can be found here.

Written by TheRussianEwok