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Team Demise vs Initio Gaming | Post-Match Roundup | BeNeLux League Week 6

Catch up on what happened in the BeNeLux League week 6 game between Team Demise and Initio Gaming.

The second game of the night was a 3 round affair and both teams showed up strong. However, there can be only 1 winner and after 25 intense rounds, Initio Gaming were crowned the winner.

Team Demise: DEMISE, Erkkari, Kabouter, Neonical, Stead

Intio Gaming: Anthoox, Easy, HzDef, Sejinex, TijgerB

The First map brought us to Border were Initio gaming got off to a great start. Taking the first 3 rounds before Demise could answer back with 2 rounds of their own. Intio gaming managed to take 1 more round before Demise secured overtime by taking rounds 7 and 8.

Overtime was a very defender aside event with teams trading rounds back and forth. As Team Demise started on defence the game went in their favour and they took the map 6-5.

Coastline was our second map of the day. This started out much the same with Intio coming in hot and securing the first 3 rounds once again. This time though, Demise could only fight back 1 round before Initio levelled out the series by taking the map 5-1.

Our third map was Clubhouse. For the third time, Initio was the first off the starting blocks taking rounds 1 and 2. Demise fought back to stop them taking the 3rd round and quickly followed up with a 4th. Initio once again wouldn't let Demise get the better of them and took the game to match point. Demise could only muster 1 final round when Initio decided they have had enough and closed out the map 5 rounds to 3 giving them the series 2 maps to 1.

This victory for Initio was an important one as it means they are still in the running for that final LAN spot. It will all come down to Demise vs Big Guns next week. If Team Demise can secure the win, they will make it to the LAN finals. However, if they lose, Initio Gaming will take the spot instead.

After week 6 the current league standings are:

Stats provided by @Hap_R6

Week 6 player stats

Stats provided by @Hap_R6

Week 7 will take place on 13th June 2018 at 19:00 CEST. We will see Flash Point vs Remote Controlled and Big Guns vs Demise. Both will take place on stream which can be found here.

Written by Dashie.