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The Road to Pro League: Supremacy

We spoke with the newly promoted Pro League team of Supremacy about what we should expect from them and how they are preparing for the new season

Supremacy’s roster consisting of Alive, KSiiX, AnThraX, Tactiss and DjuZ recently joined Pro League after coming second in Challenger League and defeating the then reigning seasonal Champions of ENCE eSports in the playoffs. Since the victory we spoke to Tactiss about the squad’s future in Pro League.

How are the internal roles set up within the team?  Who is the IGL, the primary entry, the designated roamers, etcetera?

We have got, like all teams, some first droners like Anthrax and me, primary entry is Alive on attack. Then we adapt to the round and all of us can/have to entry or drone.

In defense, it depends on the strat. But Anthrax and me are playing on site and Alive/Ksiix are the roamers. We didn't have that IGL role, Alive is the captain, but we can all make calls because one people can't see what all players can see. We trust each of us to follow the calls.

Your first game of S8 is against PENTA Sports, how have you prepared for this match?

Playing against PENTA Sports in your first match as a new Pro League team is a ritual according to me, you know, a welcome gift. It’s like : "ok you are in Pro League now, you have to see which kind of teams you have to beat". We didn't specially prepare the match, we are working on the new meta and trying to adapt it with our gameplay.

Before Supremacy picked you up they had one of the best teams in France, how do you feel having to fill these shoes?

It’s a motivating factor and a challenge as the same time. They really performed well since their switch to Xbox into PC. One season was needed to them to go in Pro League and then they are always top of Europe. Since we are with Supremacy, we are in Pro League now and we will face (that roster). It’s just exciting.

How well do you expect to perform in S8 of Pro League?

Our first aim is to keep our Pro League slot. It’s difficult to say how  we will perform because the new season is 6 months, a lot of things can happen.  

What is your opinion on the new game format going into S8? How is your team adapting to it?

A league format is the best thing to me. I like the new attack/defense rotations, the bans. You really have to adapt round after round. But with all the new operators incoming, and the bans, I think you can't anticipate strategy, not like we can do now. However, the BO1 format is really hard as a competitive player, anything can happen and there is no place for mistakes. You have to get in the game in the first round, or it will be hard to come back.w

It’s hard to adapt, for now, we just started scrim in this new meta. But we have to train hard because we need to defend 3 bomb sites per map, and adapt strategy depending on the bans. It will be really hard.

Villa is the first DLC map since Coastline to make it into the competitive map pool, what do you think about the map?

It can be a really good competitive map. But we have got a lack of objectives, I think this map will be banned for many months, except for teams which invested a lot of time to prepare it.

Which team are you most excited to play in the next season of Pro League?

I’m excited to play all of the Pro League teams. It’s the best teams in Europe and it will be a pleasure to face all of them.

Thank you to Tactiss (@Tactiss) for the interview and good luck to him, Alive (@AliveR6S), KSiiX (@ksiix_), AnThraX (@BFAnThrax) and DjuZ (@DjuZ_) in this next season of Pro League.

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