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Team Oplon Roster Leaves Org

After one season, the newly demoted Challenger League team departs from their org.

The roster, previously under the banner of Lucky7, achieved little success since joining Team Oplon. During Season 7 of Pro League, they finished 8th in the EU region before being demoted in the relegations by “i don't know” meaning they will have to spend Siege’s longest season to date in Challenger League. As well as this, the roster also fell early in the Gamer’s Assembly 2018 French tournament to "against All authority", a team not in Pro or Challenger League.

Since this demotion, the roster has seen significant changes with two players and an analyst all leaving the team to create a current line-up of jahk, spokeN, Aherys, rxwd, aPPROX, DraZ (their coach) and Aotsuki (their manager). This roster’s next org will be announced “very soon” and will represent the team going forward into Challenger League, the Paris Major qualifiers and the Coupe de France of which they have already qualified for.



“Thanks to @TeamOplon for this season. A page turns, good luck to them for the sequel”