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FaZe Clan vs Team Liquid | Post-Match Roundup | BR6

Catch up on what happened in the BR6 game between FaZe Clan and Team Liquid!

In a close game, FaZe Clan defeated the current Pro League champions, Team Liquid, by a 6-4 score.

FaZe Clan: mav, HSnamuringa, Astro, gohaN, and cameram4n

Team Liquid: S3xyCake, ziG, psk1, Bullet1, and NESKWGA


To kick-off the ban phase, FaZe Clan took out Kafe Dostoyevsky, Skyscrapper, Coastline and Border, while Team Liquid decided to remove Consulate, Chalet, Club House and Oregon. After all bans, Bank was the remaining map.

The game started with FaZe defending Archives, and NESK showed quickly why he was elected the Atlantic City LAN MVP with a huge grenade kill. Despite the good start though, TL didn´t manage their time well enough, resulting is a loss.

After that, though, the Pro League champions dominated the following three rounds, sweeping into a 3-1 lead. FaZe, though, stopped their streak with a marvelous counter for Liquid´s push and a well-coordinated attack to tie things up.

Their momentum continued in the next two rounds, placing themselves on match point at 5-3. They had won 4 rounds in a row, and seemed like they would also win the fifth.

Facing an imminent loss, Liquid called for a timeout.

That seemed to work, as they returned with a flawless rush in the next round. In the tenth round, TL´s defenced started strong, by getting some important kills, causing a 4v2 situation. However, muringa´s Hibana was able to get a ninja-plant down, and then got a lightning-speed double kill. In that 2v2 situation, mav concluded the match by eliminating the remaining players. FaZe Clan won the map (Bank) with a 6-4 score, and assumed the top spot in the Brasileirão!

Astro was elected the MVP from this match, with 11 Kills and 6 Deaths (KD 1.83) in 10 rounds.