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Ranger to Stand in for Geoo at DreamHack Austin

Today, Ranger announced that he would be filling Rogue's fifth spot as Geoo is unable to attend DreamHack Austin.

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On a livestream yesterday, easilyy announced that Geoo would not be able to attend the upcoming DreamHack event.  This comes after he missed the Season 7 Finals as well, which were also hosted in the United States.  For the Season 7 Finals, Shuttle of CLG filled Rogue's fifth spot, but he will not be staying with them for DreamHack.

In a Reddit post discussing Geoo's absence, Ranger left a comment confirming that he will be filling their fifth spot.

Ranger comment

Ranger states that he will be standing in for Geoo rather than finding an unfamiliar replacement.  With the tournament in under a week, they would have severly limited time preparing with their replacement.

Ranger, who is normally behind the players as a coach, will be on the computer himself in Austin.  Tune in June 1st-3rd for days full of action, featuring a $50,000 prizepool and numerous Pro League teams!