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New myRevenge Roster Announced

The team will compete with an all Russian roster for the rest of the CCS season.

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10 days after leaving Hooked eSports to create the myRevenge roster, m1loN and pash4 have once again recreated the lineup almost entirely. This time, the change sees FOLLI, Sting, and Sevos leave and be replaced by norwindd, fil, and com8ust.

Nordwindd previously played on Hooked eSports alongside m1loN and pash4 just 2 weeks ago, but did not move with his teammates to myRevenge. fil and com8ust, however, are relatively new to the scene having played in no notable tournaments so far.

This new myRevenge roster will retain their EU CCS spot despite retaining just ⅖ of the old lineup. This means they will be the 3rd Russian team in the event alongside Edenity and forZe, and the only one of them with a full Russian roster.

The team’s next game will be on Wednesday, when they play their fellow Russian side of Edenity. This will be an important game, as they desperately need victories, being currently placed 7th out of 8 teams, and with the midseason break approaching.