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beastcoast signs Drip, Sweater, Slashug, and Surf

beastcoast has signed four new players to join AnthonyMGS for the 2022 Season.

beastcoast has almost entirely remade its roster ahead of Stage 1's kick-off by signing Spencer "Slashug" Oliver, "Sweater," "Surf," and Adam "Drip" Kolodkin. 

beastcoast was one of the North American League’s worst teams by the numbers during the 2021 season. They finished last in Stage 2 without a single win to their name and then finished in eighth during Stage 1 and 3. 

During the offseason, the team opted for a complete rebuild of their roster, eventually retaining only Anthony "AnthonyMGS" Gomez.

Slashug comes in after most recently playing in the NA League for Oxygen over a year ago while Drip previously competed for XSET last year. Sweater and Surf meanwhile are new players to this level of competition with Sweater returning after a year-long competitive ban.

Sweater and Drip notably previously won the Challenger League together on RentFree back in 2020 making this a reunion when the NAL starts, likely in a few weeks time.

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