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"All I ever wanted to do was win with these guys": TSM FTX win marathon match over Team Empire to lift SI hammer

TSM FTX are your world champions.

Image via Ubisoft/@itsmeerror

It took nearly ten hours on the final day of the Six Invitational and the longest Rainbow Six Siege match in the history of the esport to crown a champion. 

When the dust settled, TSM FTX lifted the hammer. They notched a 2-0 victory over FaZe Clan earlier in the day and a marathon of a 3-1 (8-6, 7-3, 8-6, 9-7) victory over Russian powerhouse Team Empire. 

The loss drops Empire to 1-6 all-time in Six Invitational grand finals, and 0-2 in S-Tier grand finals series on the year. The Russian side lost the Mexico Major grand final to Team oNe, 2-3. 

“It was an extremely long day,” Matthew “Achieved” Solomon, TSM FTX captain, said in a post-match press conference. “I started feeling fatigue and I’m sure everyone else did by honestly the end of Oregon (map three). Even going into Villa, we were definitely feeling fatigued.”

Unlimited overtime is a ruleset only used for grand finals in Rainbow Six Siege. Instead of playing to eight round wins from a 6-6 scoreline, the game becomes a win-by-two scenario. This was Empire’s second time playing with unlimited overtime – their first was in an arduous 12-10 Coastline map in the SI 2019 grand finals. 

Just like in 2019, Empire fell. TSM FTX pulled out the 3-1 victory, and gave North America its third hammer. 

“[lifting the hammer] credits everything that you’ve done, all the hours of work you’ve put in. It’s beyond…it’s surreal,” said Jason “Beaulo” Doty. 

“For so long, you watch everyone compete in these tournaments. You watch people lift the hammer, and you want that to be you. …You work hard, and you make the dream come true, you know?,” Bryan “Merc” Wrzek said. 

“Winning this way, with these guys…I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Brady “Chala” Davenport said.

“[after SI 2020] We all kinda sat there and watched people lift the hammer. I think that really fueled us,” Achieved said.

“It’s a dream come true. I’ve been playing this game for like six, seven years if you count the betas,” Emilio “Geo” Leynez Cuevas said. “I’m ecstatic.”

“Coaching these guys has been an absolute dream,” said Owen “Pojoman” Mitura. “...all I ever wanted to do was just win [a hammer] with these guys.”

“Three months ago I had the opportunity to come back and coach TSM, and every step of the way we’ve put in so much work to get to where we are,” Aaron "Gotcha" Chung said. “The guys deserve every bit of it.”

TSM’s victory gives NA its third hammer, and five newly minted world champion players. NA is now the region with the most SI wins with three total, beating out EU who has two, and LATAM that has one.