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Day 2 Round-up | Season 7 Pro League Semi-Finals and Grand Final

We bring you the roundup of the Season 7 Semi-Finals and Grand Final.



Semi-Final 1: PENTA Sports vs Rogue

Skyscraper: PENTA 5-2 | Border: Rogue 5-2 | Oregon: PENTA 5-1


After a breathtaking game against Evil Geniuses, PENTA was looking to eliminate both NA teams, and with Rogue’s last performance against NORA-Rengo, it looked like a sure deal.  However, Rogue showed why they are the #1 team in North America and put up one hell of a fight.  But at the end, in a three map battle, PENTA would edge through and take the game to qualify to the Grand Final. 


Semi-Final 2: Millennium vs Team Liquid

Coastline: Team Liquid 5-0 | Kafe Dostoyevsky: Millennium 5-2 |  Border: Team Liquid 6-4


In an intense show, the French came in to show that they are one of the strongest teams in the world, and after beating FaZe Clan in the Quarter-Finals, they were looking to go through the 2nd LATAM team in their path to the final. Team Liquid is no easy job, and the Brazilian powerhouse showed why they are backed up by one of the biggest organisations in esports. In a back and forth game in which both teams took 1 map pretty decisively, it was only fair that the 3rd and last map went all the way to overtime in which Liquid edged through to take the match and their ticket to the Grand Final for a Y2S1 rematch against PENTA.


Grand Final: PENTA Sports vs Team Liquid 

Bank: PENTA 5-1 | Border: Team Liquid 6-5 | Consulate: Team Liquid 5-1


The Grand Final was finally here. Liquid’s rematch from Season 6 was finally here. PENTA was looking for their 4th Pro League title and Liquid was aiming for Latin America’s first as a region. Team Liquid went into these as the underdog as the last time they were in this stage they lost 10-1 against PENTA. Nevertheless, Liquid came in strong and even though they lost Bank 5-1, they would come back to take Border 6-5, and to win the championship, take Consulate 5-1. These last 2 maps were the 2 in which PENTA beat Team Liquid (back then Black Dragons) to take the Y2S1 title.  Congratulations to Team Liquid on their victory! #EuSouLiquid


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