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How to level up fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

Want more challenges? More weapons? Here is how!

Leveling up is important in Rainbow Six Extraction if you want to take on harder challenges and take down more Archaeans. 

But where do you begin? Here is how to level up fast in Rainbow Six Extraction so you can unlock each operator's more powerful abilities. 

What are levels in Rainbow Six Extraction?

There are three ways to progress in Rainbow Six Extraction. 

Milestones are representative of your overall player level. You can increase your player level by getting more XP. You can get more XP by playing more missions and successfully completing them. 

Operator levels are specific to each operator. Leveling up unlocks new weapons and abilities. Operator levels increase along with your overall XP but playing operators in a mission will further increase their specific level. 

There is also a Tech Tree in Rainbow Six Extraction. This unlocks more equipment as you progress further. Increasing Milestones will provide you with points that can be used towards your Tech Tree. 

How to level up operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Each operator can reach up to level 10.

Level up operators by completing assignments and incursions with them. The more you play with a specific operator, the higher their level will be. This will allow you to unlock their more powerful abilities and weapons.

To level up quickly, here are some important tips to keep in mind: 

  • Don't only complete map objectives — be a good teammate
  • Rescue downed operators on your squad
  • Tag enemies to get XP when an opponent takes them down
  • Don't leave a KO'd operator behind
  • Assist when you see a teammate fighting an alien

These are some of the things you can do each mission to earn bonus XP. If you're playing solo, there are still some ways to get more experience each mission: 

  • Use melee attacks to take down Archaeans 
  • Destroy nests without alerting them
  • Target weak points of your enemy

If you're looking to level up faster, it's always a smart idea to play Rainbow Six Extraction on a higher difficulty. But with high reward comes higher risk — you will lose experiences and unlocked items if you are MIA and aren't rescued. 

Complete studies in Rainbow Six Extraction

You've probably been sort of ignoring the studies... I can't say it sounds like the most exciting gameplay. But studies are key to leveling up quickly. 

Studies are objectives on specific maps. The objectives are usually pretty simple, like using specific weapons to get a certain amount of kills or not getting downed during a mission. They will start off simple, like getting stealth kills, but will gradually become more complicated as you advance. 

Studies unlock cosmetic items and help you fill out the game's lore. But, most importantly, it completing studies will level up your account. When your account levels up, you unlock new operators, maps, gear, and even game modes. 

How to level up fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

Looking to level up your account's progression? Remember to level up multiple operators and complete multiple studies — even repeat studies you've already completed. Doing both of these things combined will make leveling up in Rainbow Six Extraction very quick.