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Rainbow Six Extraction introduces new game mode assignment: Kick The Anthill

Extraction's new weekly assignment is already in the game.

A wave of new content has hit Rainbow Six Extraction. Although many players just notice the skins and bundles, the assignments are another important part of Extraction. There, players are put to their limits. 

Assignments come out every Wednesday, at 7 am PST. Let's have a look at this week's assignment, which is called Kick The Anthill, located on the San Francisco map. 

What is Kick The Anthill in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Kick the Anthill is a weekly assignment with a threat level of four (also known as Critical). This means that the mission will have a high quantity of Archaeans — and many versions of them. 

You are not able to play alone in this game mode, so you will have to join the matchmaking — which doesn't take too much time to find you some teammates. 

The objective is simple: players have to destroy aberrant nests inside barricaded areas. Until both zones of the map aren't clear, you can't advance to the next one. 

In order to complete the mission, you will have to clear six areas, two on each map. If your team is struggling, you can always extract — just like in any regular game. 

How to win Kick the Anthill game mode

This game mode can be difficult if you and your teammates don't communicate properly. It will get easier if each operator attacks the same zone from different angles, destroying aberrant nests so Archaeans can't pop up from them. 

Try to bring operators with strong weapons, such as Finka, Gridlock, or Fuze. The LMG's might be a blessing. Also, these operators bring gadgets that are useful in this game mode, as Fuze's charges can get rid of multiple nests at the same time. Finka's boosts are always welcomed, while Gridlock's spikes will slow down enemies. Other good operators for this incursion are Pulse and Capitão.

The last third map is the most difficult one, and clearing both areas can be a nightmare if not done quickly. The area will be filled with tormenters, spikers, smashers, and more.

That's why it is important to bring the right operators and communicate properly to get the best out of them. Impact grenades, field walls, and Revive Kits are also very good pieces of utility.

What are assignments in Rainbow Six Extraction? 

You'll notice new assignments every week. These are the most challenging missions in Rainbow Six Extraction, including crazy tough modifiers.