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NA SI Closed Qualifier preview: Who takes the final spot?

Four teams enter. One team leaves.

Image via Ubisoft

The Six Invitational is the biggest event in the Rainbow Six Siege Global Circuit's competitive calendar, and only the best teams earn the right to represent their region. Teams earn "SI Points" during the rest of the calendar and the top 16 qualify for SI. The final four will earn their spots through the last chance qualifying tournaments, one for each region. 

TSM FTX, Mirage, Parabellum Esports, and 1shotLFO will all fight for the right to represent the North American region at the Six Invitational. TSM FTX and Mirage directly qualified for the event by SI Points, Parabellum and 1shotLFO qualified through the open qualifier bloodbath, besting NAL squads like beastcoast and Astralis in the process. 

Who are the teams in the NA Closed Qualifier?

  • Mirage
  • Parabellum Esports
  • 1shotLFO

The team with inarguably the most prestige is TSM FTX. They're one of two teams in this competition with international experience, and at one point were considered one of the best teams in the world. Unfortunately, TSM FTX hasn't had the best 2021 in the server. 

After a strong start at SI, a positive COVID-19 diagnosis before the Mexico Major doomed their campaign before it began. They stumbled during the third stage and missed the Sweden Major entirely. Then, they watched as Rogue went on a miracle run to the semifinals, stealing the sixteenth SI Points spot from them. 

TSM FTX has certainly done enough over the course of their careers to not be in a position like this. Their past six months have been less than ideal, and here they are. 

Mirage is next, and they had another strong start only to sputter down the road. They were a top-four team with Matthew "Hotancold" Stevens, but haven't been able to recapture their Stage 1 glory. They're next up in terms of SI Points, which netted them a spot in the closed portion of the qualifier. Can they survive against one of NA's legendary squads, a rolling new NAL squad, and an upstart CL bunch?

Parabellum Esports play Rainbow Six Siege with plot armor. This bunch has arguably been through more adversity than any other NA squad over the past calendar year. They qualified for SI 2021, were meant to be in NAL, lost their spot, played SI, made it out of groups, went to CL, nearly missed playoffs, made playoffs, made relegations, and then beat XSET 3-0 to make it into NAL. 

The law of anime protagonist arcs dictates that Parabellum wins this qualifier. 

1shotLFO is an interesting case. They plowed their way through the open qualifier and could stand to upset Mirage if some things break their way. It would be a bit of a revenge aspect for Alexandre "QrTz" Moranta, who played for Mirage previously. 


Talent and where to watch

All NA SI Closed Qualifier matches will be broadcast on the main Rainbow6 Twitch channel. 


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