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Y6S4.2 Designer's notes detail upcoming changes to Aruni's DMR, Ela

Smell you later, Ela shotgun crutch players.

Image via Ubisoft

The Y6S4.2 Designer's Notes have arrived, but the High Calibre midseason update will be sparse with new content. 

Why? The Six Invitational 2022 is right around the corner. According to the post, "we [Ubisoft] want to be careful about making changes that could cause major shifts in the meta so close to the [Six Invitational 2022]. We think balance is in a good place right now and want to take this moment to observe how it sits with our Pro scene, and use that intel to help guide future changes."

The changes coming in the midseason patch will be minimal. This is one of the smallest updates to date. All changes will come to the test server first before they are pushed to live servers. 

Aruni's Mk 14 gets a new muzzle

In order to make the Mk 14's attachments consistent across Aruni and Dokkaebi, the test server update will add the muzzle brake to Aruni's DMR. The muzzle brake is widely considered the best attachment for single-shot weapons, and its addition could come with more DMR play, especially after the P10 Roni nerf. 

Overall, Aruni will remain one of the most versatile defensive operators. Her gadget is still strong, and she still has one of the best passive abilities in the game. The soft destruction provided by her prosthetic arm is invaluable for defenders to make rotates with. 

Ela's FO-12 gets a nerf

Ela shotgun crutchers, your days are numbered. Ela's shotgun will get a substantial nerf on the test server, with the extended barrel's usefulness nerfed and the damage reduced to 25 from 35. 

Ela's FO-12 is the source of a significant frustration, particularly for console players. The shotgun is brain-dead easy to use, and when combined with Ela's three speed status, it's lethal. The nerf to one of the game's cheapest guns is long overdue. 

Goodbye, Ela and Zofia gadget frustration

The concussion effect from Ela and Zofia's gadgets is getting a rework. Instead of messing with your movement speed, effectively making you a freebie, you'll be able to move normally. 

While there will still be other concussion effects, this nerf will be welcome. The Polish sisters' gadgets are incredibly frustrating to fight against, and allow a significant advantage for free, more or less. 

All changes will come to the test server before hitting the live server.