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Astralis "mutually parting ways" with Easilyy

Astralis's head coach departs the team.

Astralis "mutually parting ways" with Easilyy

According to a statement posted to the team's Twitter account, Astralis has "mutually parted ways" with Kevin "Easilyy" Skokowski. 

Easilyy stated that he "wanted to go on a different path in life" on his personal Twitter account, indicating that he's moving on from Rainbow Six Siege's esports ecosystem. 

Easilyy was one of North America's great players. He had a long tenure as a player before his coaching career, and was well-known for his exploits with the Rogue roster. Rogue won USN 2018, Dreamhack Valencia, and Pro League Season 7 NA. 

After pivoting to coaching after parting ways with Soniqs, Easilyy signed with Astralis in May 2021 to begin his tenure as a coach. Astralis never realized their potential under his watch, the team finished fifth as Disrupt Gaming during NAL 2021 Stage 2 and seventh in its inaugural stage under the Astralis banner.