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Rainbow Six Siege operator Ace gets Elite skin

Ace gets his own elite skin available for purchase!

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Banner image: Ubisoft MX

Attacker Ace was introduced in the game with the launch of Operation Steel Wave. He finally got his first elite skin earlier today. The bundle, called Altruistic Ego, is already in the in-game store.

Rainbow Six Siege’s official Twitter account announced the launch of this bundle with a video of Ace practicing in the old Hereford Base, which some people have read as a hint to a possible upcoming event held in that location.

From today, Ace’s elite bundle “slides into your life," as Ace himself said in the video!

What does the Altruistic Ego bundle include?

Just like other Elite bundles in the game, the Altruistic Ego bundle for Ace includes the following:

  • A headgear
  • A uniform
  • A special operator card background
  • Special weapon skins
  • A charm
  • Special customization for his gadget, the SELMA
  • Special victory celebration

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How can I purchase the Altruistic Ego bundle?

In order to purchase Ace’s newest bundle, you must follow the next steps:

  • Click on Operators
  • Click on Attackers and choose Ace
  • Click on Appearance
  • Click on the Altruistic Ego bundle

How much does the Altruistic Ego bundle cost?

Same as the rest of the elite skins in the game, the Altruistic Ego bundle can only be acquired with R6 Credits. Renown can’t be used to buy these kinds of items in the store. Also, you can’t buy the items separately — you must buy them all together as a bundle.

The Altruistic Ego bundle costs 1800 R6 Credits, which is the equivalent to €15.

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Who is Ace and how can I use him?

Ace is a 33-year-old Norwegian operator known as Havard Haugland who is part of the NIGHTHAVEN squad.

This operator is mainly used as a hard breacher, meaning he is often used to create new pathways for his team.

Ace is equipped with three SELMAs, the gadget that he uses to open reinforced walls and hatches. He can throw them to the place he wants to open, so his gadget is closer in similarity to Hibana’s than to Thermite’s.

The operator can choose from two primary weapons: The AK-12 or FBI’s shotgun, the M1014. He is also equipped with three soft breaching charges or a claymore, which make him a very good operator, especially for ranked games — considering that the AK-12 is probably one of the best weapons in the game if properly used.

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