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How to find a squad in Rainbow Six Siege

Here is everything you need to know to use Squad Finder immediately.

Rainbow Six Siege is an FPS game that's centered around teamwork and strategy. When your team doesn't communicate, it can get quite frustrating, especially as it starts to cost you matches. 

That's why a lot of people play Rainbow Six Siege ranked matches with a five-man stack, meaning going in with friends. But what if you don't have any friends available for a gaming session? Ubisoft has created a way to find a team to take on the enemy. 

What is Squad Finder? 

Ubisoft teamed up with Biborg to create a community tool called Squad Finder. It was released in September of 2020.

Squad Finder helps players find teammates to play with online, using player data and playing habits to help you find suitable squadmates. 

“Based on Rainbow Six Siege data and user constraints, we have developed an intelligent algorithm able to match the player’s state of mind in order to offer them the ideal game partners suited to their level and expectations,” Mickaël Mouillé, CTO at Biborg, said in a press release in 2020. 

How do you use the Rainbow Six Siege Squad Finder?

Using Squad Finder is luckily very straightforward. Here is how to use Squad Finder to start playing matches tonight: 

  • Log in to your Ubisoft account
  • Create your profile on Squad Finder, filling in your console of choice, region, time zone, language, operator choice, and playstyle on attack and defense
  • Set up your request, specifying what game mode you're interested in playing and what type of operator you plan to pick
  • Fill out a calendar that lets other players know when you prefer to play
  • It will then show you all of the matches that are online and waiting to play
  • Click on their profile to see their playstyle and operator preference, as well as what type of game they are hoping to play
  • Send them a request

Do you need to download the Rainbow Six Siege Squad Finder?


Currently, you can access Squad Finder on any browser. It's not an app that needs to be purchased or downloaded. 

What if I can't find matches on Squad Finder?

If you want to expand your search, you can press the "share on Twitter" option to share your match preferences to your followers. You'll need to log into your Twitter account and give Squad Finder permission to tweet the request. 

Do I need a microphone to use Squad Finder?


While trying to find a match on Squad Finder, they will ask you if you use a microphone or not when you fill out your request. From there, players who match with you can choose to send an invite or not based on this information. 

Since Rainbow Six Siege is a teamwork-based game that requires skilled communication, not having a microphone may cause you to have fewer matches. But you should still be able to find a partner after a while on Squad Finder whether or not you have a microphone.