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Is Rainbow Six Siege dying?

R6 is not a dead game.

The gaming community loves to ask if games are dying — or even outright accuse a game of being dead. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Dead game. Overwatch? Dead game. But what does it really mean to be "dying" and is Rainbow Six Siege next? Because I've sure seen a lot of people questioning the game's vitals. 

Well contrary to what fans may keep saying, Rainbow Six Siege is still a popular game

Is Rainbow Six Siege dying?

Okay, Rainbow Six Siege is clearly not dead. Ubisoft hasn't declared its funeral. You can very much still play the game with other people. 

But is it dying? 

This question has a bit more validity to it since Rainbow Six Siege is, indeed, losing players. But that doesn't necessarily mean the game is failing or being shoved into an early grave. While Rainbow Six Siege had more players when it launched in 2015, it's still a popular game with a thriving community. 

How many people play Rainbow Six Siege in 2022?

In the past 30 days, Rainbow Six Siege had an average of 38.5K players. According to Steam Charts, the peak player count in June 2022 was 69.9K. This only includes PC players, not accounting for players on console. 

Every month, Rainbow Six Siege has seen a slight decline in players. This is expected for a game that came out in 2015, although it's surprising the numbers would continue to go down after the release of a new season. There were more players in April 2022, with an average of 42K players. March had 46.7K average players and 108.6K peak players. 

How many people play Rainbow Six Siege in 2021?

Only Ubisoft knows the true numbers. But the developers told us in February of 2021 that Rainbow Six Siege reached 70 million registered players. 

Since we don't know the full extent of this data, it's hard to say what this means overall. While Ubisoft stated it's an increase in the amount of registered players in 2020, that doesn't mean all of the registered players are still playing. Some could have stopped playing as long ago as 2017. But it also means that, either way, players are still registering in 2021 — there are at least 15 million new and active players

Is Rainbow Six Siege a dead game?

With new players continuing to register for Rainbow Six Siege, it's clearly not a dead game. While it's not the most popular FPS, it's highly regarded as one of the most complex and interesting shooter titles out there. It has a lot of elements that make it unique in the genre. It's also seen as one of the more mature FPS titles out there, with a playerbase that prides themselves on taking the game seriously whether it's climbing ranked or watching a stream. 

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