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"It worked perfectly": Dominant FaZe Clan detail BDS victory, Amaru plant rush play

FaZe Clan is looking like one of the favorites to win the finals of the Sweden Major following a great performance in a win over BDS.

(Banner image: Ubisoft/Joao Ferreira)

FaZe Clan rolled over BDS on Bank and won a round 15 on Chalet to score a 2-0 win and a berth in the semifinals of the Sweden Major. 

FaZe was never behind for a second on Bank. In the second round, the squad executed a brilliant take using Amaru's Garra Hook and a strong shooting effort from Jaime "Cyber" Ramos.

"We knew they were holding site with only like one or two people max," said Gabriel "cameram4n" Hespanhol during a post-match press conference. "There was nothing garage, and we could just rush and try to do a fast plant. It worked perfectly."

The round set the pace for Bank, which ended up being a 7-3 FaZe Clan win. Chalet, however, would go differently. 

BDS appeared on the cusp of forcing a map three. They were up 6-4 at one point, but Matheus Ramalho, FaZe's coach, took a time out and talked to the team.

"We were struggling a lot in the bar defense. They were smashing us," said cameram4n when asked about the moment Chalet turned around for FaZe. "Ramalho told us to adapt something, to get two reinforcements and reinforce two library hatches and [Lucas "soulz1" Schinked] got Kaid." 

The changes worked. FaZe pushed the map to overtime, eventually winning 8-7. They play DWG KIA tomorrow, Nov. 13, for a spot in the grand finals of the Sweden Major. 

BDS reflects on loss to FaZe Clan

Missing the grand finals of an event has become par for the course for BDS. They always seem to be predicted to either win or get close to a win but can never get over the finish line. So, when will BDS finally get their victory?

"When we correct all the mistakes that we are doing," said Bryan "Elemzje" Tebessi, in a general sense. Specifically, he said BDS's focus and concentration was lacking today. He continued: "We knew how they [FaZe] play. Everyone was like, 'Oh we knew they are going to do that, they did it, and we didn't react good enough.'" 

Cyber predicted to be MVP of Sweden Major

The MVP of the match — and possibly the event and should FaZe Clan win the Major —was Cyber. He put up a staggering 30 kills, and notched 1.2 kills per round. Cyber said that he only thinks in the team aspect, not the individual, and any individual awards given out are attributable to the team as well. 

If FaZe Clan win, or possibly even if they're just the runners-up, Cyber is a shoo-in for MVP. He has a 1.43 SiegeGG Rating after the conclusion of that best of three and will square off against another MVP candidate, Yoo "yass" Sang-hoon next. 

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