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NA Transfers: Post-Stage 3 Updates - Melted leaves Parabellum Esports

Here's a quick summary of all the changes in the NA League since the end of Stage 3 2021!

As SiegeGG's hub for all roster changes in the transfer window post-Stage 3 of the 2021 season, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check out the APACEU, and LATAM threads for changes within those regions as well.

Summary of Changes So Far

  • Oxygen - Yoggah and Kyno leave, Dream and Nuers join (via sources)
  • Astralis - Retro and Easilyy leave, Callout and Forrest signed
  • Mirage - Nyx, Dream, and Loading depart team
  • beastcoast - Yungalec, jaay, Sippin, Phozzo leave
  • Parabellum - SpriTz and Melted released
  • XSET - Filthy, Jarvis, Creators, nvK, Prod leave, announces return to NAL

Roster Changes

March 3rd: Dream leaves Mirage

Dream has officially left Mirage as he is set to join OxG as previously reported by SiegeGG.

March 3rd: Kyno leaves Oxygen Esports

A day after Yoggah left Oxygen, Leonardo "Kyno" Figueiredo has left with him. Both players are set to join XSET with SpiriTz.

March 2nd: Forrest joins Astralis

The ex-eUnited and Wichita Wolves player, Roman "Forrest" Breaux, has joined Astralis to replace Retro. This comes one month after his long-time teammate Callout joined Astralis also in a coaching role.

You can read about this change in full detail here.

March 2nd: Yoggah leaves Oxygen Esports

One year and three days after joining Oxygen Esports, Evan "Yoggah" Nelson has left. During this time he helped OxG finish the three NA League Stages in first, sixth, and second. As well as this he attended the Six Sweden Major and finished in the top-eight at SI 2022.

March 1st: XSET announces return to the NAL

XSET has officially announced their reported return to the North American League in Rainbow Six Siege. Despite the loss in a relegation match, they will be the tenth team. 

Read about this in full detail here.

February 28th: (Sources) Dream and Nuers to join OxG

Following the departure of Yoggah and Kyno to XSET, SiegeGG has learned that Mitch "Dream" Malson from Mirage and the Challenger League player of "Nuers" will join Oxygen Esports. 

Read about this in full here.

February 28th: BKN leaves DarkZero

DarkZero Esports' brand coordinator and ex-coach, Jordan "BKN" Soojian, has left the DZ organization. 

BKN previously coached DZ to the Pro League Season 9 and 10 Finals, finishing as the runners-up in the latter. As well as this BKN reached joint-fifth at SI 2020 on DZ as well as runners-up at SI 2018 and the Paris Major on Evil Geniuses. 

Following this, he stepped down from a position in the team to work more directly for DarkZero itself. Now he has left DZ with his future currently unannounced.

Read about this change in full, here.

February 19th: Razorr departs XSET

The final active member of XSET, Dillon "Razorr" Presley, has left XSET.

One day after SpiriTz's departure, Robert "Melted" Kormylo has also been benched by Parabellum. He goes on to officially depart the organization on February 21st.

February 9, 2022: Parabellum releases SpiriTz

SpiriTz and Parabellum "come to an agreement to allow [SpiriTz] to look into other opportunities in the NAL". Two days later SiegeGG learnt he was set to join XSET.

February 3, 2022: XSET benches Prod

According to a tweet from Christian "Prod" Gauch, he has been benched by XSET and is free to seek new opportunities. 

February 3, 2022: Nyx and Loading leave Mirage

According to a tweet from the organization, Zachary "Nyx" Thomas and Chase "Loading" Neely have been benched and will depart from the organization. 

January 28th: Callout joins Astralis

The ex-eUnited and Wichita Wolves player, Seth "Callout" Mik, has joined Astralis as their head coach. This is his first time in a support staff role as he replaces Easilly who left two weeks prior.

January 21st: Retro leaves Astralis

9 months after joining the team, the ex-Pro League and R6 Minor winner, Alexander "Retro" Lloyd, has announced he's taking a break from competitive R6S and leaving Astralis.

January 11th: Sippin & Jaay leaves beastcoast

Jason "Sippin" Mahabir and Jayson "Jaay" Meszaros have both left beastcoast leaving Anthony "AnthonyMGS" Gomez as the last remaining player on the team.

Read about this change in full in our dedicated article.

January 10th: Easilly leaves Astralis

Astralis' coach, Kevin "Easilyy" Skokowski, is mutually parting ways with the org following fifth and seventh place finishes in the NA League.

January 10th: Creators and nvK released from XSET

Tim "Creators" Humpherys and Nathan "nvK" Valenti released from XSET.

Read about this change in full in our dedicated article on the change.

January 8th: XSET parts ways with Jarvis

After a disappointing 2021 season where XSET was relegated, the team has parted ways with its coach, Sam Jarvis.

This follows the decision to also part ways with Xavier "Filthy" Garcia.

December 20th: Yungalec officially benched by beastcoast

Having put out an "LFT" tweet on Dec. 19, Alec "yungalec" Bhatty has now been officially benched by beastcoast.

Yungalec had come to be regarded as a promising talent in the NAL, and had seemingly been key to the upturn in beastcoast's fortunes. However, after an eighth place finish in Stage 3, and failure to qualify to the Sweden Major and the Six Invitational 2022, beastcoast has opted to bench the young American.

December 16th: XSET parts ways with Filthy

Following a failure of the team to survive relegation from the NAL, XSET has parted ways with Xavier "Filthy" Garcia.

The future of the team had been unclear after the 0-3 loss to Parabellum in the relegation game, with the possibility of the roster making a Six Invitational 2022 run through the second open qualifier. However, with Filthy's departure, XSET may look to trial a new player in the qualifier in his place, or play with their coach, Sam Jarvis.

The second NA SI 2022 open qualifier starts in two days, on Dec. 18.

December 2nd: Phozzo leaves beastcoast

Beastcoast's team captain, Joseph "Phozzo" Eisenmann, has "stepped down" from the team.

Read about this change in full in our dedicated article.