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'Rainbow Six Siege' new season countdown: when is High Calibre revealed?

Counting down to the reveal of High Calibre, the latest season in 'Rainbow Six Siege'

Teams arrive

The teams are arriving at the Sweden Major, and it looks like Ubisoft has given them some goodie bags, including a slick shield with their team's logo emblazoned on the front. 

"Rainbow Six Siege" fans are beginning to speculate about what the next operator's gadget could be. According to Ubisoft's teaser, it appears to be some kind of proximity mine, but there's no way to know for sure. What is confirmed is that Thorn hails from Ireland, the first operator from that region, and that she'll be a defender. Her CTU has not specifically been revealed. 

If you're trying to get a first look at Thorn, tune into the reveal panel during the Sweden Major broadcast on Nov. 8. 

How can I watch the High Calibre reveal?

You can watch the High Calibre season reveal by tuning into the Six Sweden Major at 18:00 UTC. The stream will be live beginning at 9:00 UTC from Nov. 8-10 if you wish to watch the rest of the tournament. November will launch the new season, right after a wildly successful October, which saw the return of fan-favorite Doktor's Curse

16 teams from around the globe qualified for the Sweden Major, four from the power regions: North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific (APAC). 

Who is Thorn in High Calibre?

The name of the new operator that will be released in the High Calibre battlepass is "Thorn". 

 Thorn appears to have some kind of sticky grenade as a gadget, almost like a trap operator. Also, Ubisoft has been teasing a new weapon coming in High Calibre. The last new weapons added to the game came with Zero. The season is named "High Calibre", so it's that the new weapon will be chambered with some large, soft-destructing bullets. 

When will High Calibre be revealed?

The new season of "Rainbow Six Siege", High Calibre, will be revealed during the group stage of the Sweden Major on Nov. 8. 

High Calibre is the second season in a row to be revealed during the group stage of a Major as opposed to the grand final. A grand final reveal has been the standard in "Siege" for six years, and was only changed very recently. Following the season reveal, BDS will face off against Invictus, and Soniqs will play Ninjas in Pyjamas. 

How can I watch the High Calibre reveal?

Tuning into the High Calibre reveal is very easy. Just navigate to on Nov. 8 at 18:00 UTC to watch the full High Calibre reveal, which will feature Thorn and many more balancing changes to "Rainbow Six Siege". 

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