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“I am more confident than ever before”: FURIA's Fntzy eager to take on Sweden Major challenge after stellar BR6 split

Fntzy is the man of the moment in Brazil and wants to show why in Sweden.

(Banner image: Ubisoft/Joao Ferreira)

FURIA Esports’ 2021 campaign began with an international debut at the Six Invitational 2021, after they narrowly avoided being relegated to Série B. But now at the end of 2021, the Brazilians are one of the only eight sides to have competed in every post-pandemic LAN tournament.

Despite being unable to transform their international regularity into trophies, it is undeniable that FURIA -- and Brazil as a whole -- have been evolving and perfecting their style. Arguably, we are talking about a region’s dynasty, and not a single team’s dynasty as in yesteryear. 

Overall, FURIA Esports played a largely faultless Stage 3. Everyone comprehended their roles, and the team focused on fixing their mistakes, such as “droning mistakes” and “entry kills”, as Luiz Augusto “Miracle” Da Silva Abrantes explained in an interview with SiegeGG just before the CES Stage 3. 

However, it was Diogo “Fntzy” Lima who led the charge in-game throughout the third split. “My teammates' performances make it easier for me to give my best”, said Fntzy in an interview with SiegeGG.

The Brazilian player broke many records, with his game against INTZ being his best performance in a professional game so far: 22 kills in a nine-round game while obtaining the highest SiegeGG rating in a BO1 match (2.73), and the highest-ever KPR (2.44). 

“I was relaxed, everything was going fine, then I saw the stats and realised what I just did,” said Fntzy.

Although having such a fragger in your team is always a virtue, there is a risk of falling into the trap of relying on the wunderkind’s gun power as a crutch. It’s rare that he doesn’t perform, but when he played the CES Stage 3 semi-finals against FaZe Clan, his inefficiency at securing kills was one of the reasons that cost the team a possible first Grand Final appearance. 

“In our game against FaZe Clan, we made a lot of mistakes. We peeked when we didn’t have to. We should have played more passively, let them execute their attacks more, and that ended up harming us in both maps,” said Fntzy. 

The 18-year-old is the man of the moment in Brazil, as he averaged the highest SiegeGG rating in the BR6 Stage 3 (1.33), obtaining the highest number of kills (114) in any of the three BR6 2021 splits. One would have to go back to the LATAM Pro League in Season 10 to find the last non-Liquid or NiP player to be top rated -- and that was November 2019

“I think consistency comes from having more experience at international competitions, we now have played quarter-final matches, semi-finals… everything helps to improve,” explained Fntzy, adding that he thinks that the key behind his Stage 3 performance has been consistency and experience.

Arguably, FURIA Esports have been drawn in what is considered to be the ‘group of death’, as all their opponents were the best of their respective regions at the Mexico Major. DWG KIA were the best APAC representative, SSG -- alongside DZ -- were the best performers from NA, while Team Empire reached the Grand Final. 

“It is probably the most difficult group in the tournament because we are playing Spacestation Gaming and Empire, and DWG who surprised us with their aggressiveness. So it’s a difficult group,” said Fntzy. 

The Brazilian seems aware of the Koreans’ potential, as the APAC team surprised everyone with a quarter-final finish in Mexico after beating NiP twice. Meanwhile, FURIA will play against SSG for a third and a fourth time, having faced each other in Mexico.  There, the Brazilians won the first game (8-7) and lost the second (5-7). 

As for Empire, FURIA lost to the Russian powerhouse at SI 2021 (4-7). he Brazilians’ record against European teams leaves much to be desired, and could be a cause for concern again. Against EU teams, FURIA has lost six maps and won four, having faced G2 Esports, Natus Vincere, and BDS. The Brazilians were knocked out of both SI 2021 and the Mexico Major by the French squad, but the players are hungrier than ever for revenge. Third time’s the charm?

“Yes, I want to face BDS again, I am more confident than ever before,” said Fntzy.

FURIA Esports’ first day in the competition will see them face Spacestation Gaming and DWG KIA in what could be two very important matches for the “group of death” final standings.