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20 new R6Share skins released, includes Team oNe, DWG, Cowana, and Oxygen

A new range of R6Share org skins have dropped.

The most recent range of R6Share skins for the third-tier organizations have just been released:

As shown in the video above here are the orgs and weapons the skins are available for:

North American Teams

  • Mirage -- AR33 for Thatcher and Flores

  • Oxygen Esports -- G36C for Ash and Iana

  • XSET -- R4-C for Ash

  • beastcoast -- MP5 for Doc, Rook, and Melusi

European Teams 

  • Cowana Gaming -- C8-SFW for Buck

Latin American Teams

  • Team oNe eSports -- AK-12 for Fuze and Ace

  • FURIA Esports -- ARX200 for Nomad and Iana

  • Santos e-Sports -- M762 for Zofia

  • W7M Gaming -- SMG-11 for Smoke, Mute, and Amaru

Asia-Pacific Teams

  • T1 -- K1A for Vigil

  • Elevate -- Vector .45 ACP for Mira and Goyo

  • CYCLOPS -- P10 Roni for Aruni and Mozzie

  • Chiefs Esports Club -- MPX for Valkyrie and Warden

  • DWG KIA -- Type-89 for Hibana

  • ORDER -- 552 Commando for IQ

  • Wildcard Gaming -- F2 for Twitch

  • GUTS Gaming -- L85A2 for Sledge and Thatcher

  • FAV Gaming -- M590A1 for Sledge, Thatcher, Mute, Smoke, and Warden

  • Talon Esports -- Mk 14 EBR for Dokkeibi and Aruni

  • QConfirm -- G8A1 for IQ and Amaru

With these skins now available in-game, this leaves just the tier-one R6Share organizations which include names such as TSM, NiP, G2, and Fnatic which will likely see their weapon skins, uniforms, and headgear release in three months time. 

As well as this, the Y6S3 Gold Esports sets have also been released for Valkyrie, Doc, Capitao and Dokkebai:


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