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Former G2 Esports star Goga returns to competitive ‘Siege’ with Movistar Riders

Two times Six Invitational champion and one time Six Major champion, Goga is back after announcing his retirement in January 2021.

Movistar Riders has signed the two-times Six Invitational and one-time Six Major champion Daniel “Goga” Mazorra Romero, marking his return to competitive “Siege”. 

In a Twitlonger that he had released a few hours after his departure from Team Vitality, Goga had explained that he was retiring due to a loss of motivation to play the game. His former teammate Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen had cited the same reason for his retirement earlier in the year.

During his time with G2 Esports, Goga was widely regarded as one of the best support players in the game. During that stint, he had won the Six Invitational back-to-back in 2018 and 2019, the Six Major Paris, three ESL Pro League titles, and a DreamHack title.

After leaving G2, he had joined Team Vitality’s ‘super-team’ project, alongside former G2 captain Fabian Hällsten, but had been unsuccessful in replicating the success he had seen prior.

The Spanish player is now back to his home region, where he had kickstarted his career on gBots.

Movistar Riders’ bet on Goga comes after losing three back-to-back Spain Nationals Grand Finals; to x6tence in Season 1, Team Heretics in Season 2, and Wizards in Season 3.

Goga’s announcement also included an update on the Brazilian player Luann “Couto” Couto, who will leave the squad.

Three weeks ago, the team had also announced the departure of its captain José “weskeRR” Corchero, who joined Movistar Riders in November 2019. 

This means that despite Goga’s signing, the organization is still looking for a fifth player to join its Siege lineup. 

Movistar Riders' current roster is thus:

Jordi “FOSKITo” Bodro
Gabriel “Billordo” Billordo
Óscar “Kuriboh” Puerma
Daniel “Goga” Mazorra Romero

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