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LATAM Transfers: Latest Updates - XigmaZ Leaves Fenix Esports

Here's a quick summary of all the changes in the Brazilian, Mexican and South American Divisions of the Latin American region since the end of Stage 2 2021!

LATAM Transfers: Latest Updates - XigmaZ Leaves Fenix Esports

As SiegeGG's hub for all roster changes in the transfer window post-Stage 2 of the 2021 season, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check out the APAC, NA, and EU threads for changes within those regions as well.

Summary of Changes So Far


  • Team Liquid - xS3xyCake and HSnamuringa dropped, AsK and resetz signed
  • FaZe Clan - Dark joins as analyst
  • Black Dragons - resetz leaves, Bassetto joins
  • W7M Gaming - mav leaves, Kheyze joins
  • Santos e-Sports - destiny leaves, mgN joins
  • MIBR - SKaDinha joins

Campeonato Mexicano:

  • Chivas esports - AlanDerf & Mireles leave, Clipe and Rovi join
  • Six Karma - StonyK & Max1mus leaves, Navy Joins, Olimpo moved to coach
  • Atheris Esports - Navy released, Bersa joins
  • Kingdom Gaming - August(Loan) and Raven leave, Stony and Jack join
  • MeT Esports - Sfher and Wrath Leave, Connor and Frankosio join
  • Fenix Esports - XigmaZ leaves

Campeonato Sudamericano:

  • Malvinas Gaming - Asterix leaves, Franzeta, blk and Rules join.
  • Leviatán Esports - el_barto Retires, Slemds and Chainaa Join
  • 9z Team - Dark leaves
  • LDM Esports - joins Newstar, Prede replaces Slemds

Roster Changes

October 19th: XigmaZ Leaves Fenix Esports

We wish you the best of success in your future projects  @xigmartinez

September 15th: Clipe and Rovi Join Chivas Esports

Drumroll The moment they were waiting for has arrived ] From

@AtherisEsportsT as a loan, it arrives @Rovi_R6 to join our ranks  WELCOME TO THE HERD!

The wait is over, ChivaHermanos  It is an honor for us to introduce you to the new Operator who will wear the ROJIBLANCA to represent us proudly in the #MXR6 WELCOME HOME, @Clipe9

September 13th: Raven Leaves Kingdom Gaming

September 11th: SKaDinha joins MIBR as sixth player

Luiz "SKaDinha" Salgado has rejoined the MIBR roster which he previously played on for 17 months as a sixth member of the team. This comes after MIBR was hit with injuries and illnesses during Stages 1 and 2 forcing stand-ins and leading them to miss out on the Mexico Major.

SKaDinha previously played with reduct, Faallz, LuKid, and FelipoX on Team oNe with whom he won the Challenger League tournament during Season 9 and played in the Pro League with during Seasons 10 and 11.

Following a last-place finish during Season 11, SKaDinha was then replaced in the roster by Rappz as he moved onto Santos during the 2020 BR6 Season and more recently the VINCIT Gaming organization. 

He now leaves this team to rejoin his old teammates on their new org of MIBR as a sixth member. This is a role desperately needed by MIBR after LuKid was unable to play for a portion of Stage 1 due to a COVID diagnosis and FelipoX missed a few games due to a shoulder injury during Stage 2.

Extra help is always good, right?
Welcome to the MIBR family, @SKaDinha! Our newest sixth player in the Rainbow 6 lineup!

September 10th: Stony and Jack Join Kingdom Gaming

We are ready @R6esportsLATAM ! You ready?
Welcome @Jack_R6s and @StonyMX , With their talent and ambition we are sure that we can achieve great things.  Raise your shields! and join us to give everything in this Stage 3!

September 10th: Slemds and Chainaa Join Leviatán 

WE HAVE ROSTER FOR THE THIRD STAGE! We welcome you to @SlemdsOk and @madeinchinar6 who join our team to fight in the highest category of @R6esportsLATAM

September 9th: Santos picks up mgN

The ex-Falkol player of Filipe "mgN" Dutra has joined Santos following the exit of destiny last month.

mgN has previously competed in the Challenger League over the last four seasons winning last year's tournament only to lose 0-3 against FURIA in the relegation matchup. Now, after failing to qualify for this year's CL tournament, mgN has finally broken into the BR6a league on the ninth-placed lineup of Santos e-Sports.

September 8th: Franzeta, blk and Rules Join Malvinas

COMPLETE EQUIPMENT FOR #SuR6 ! We present to you the new Malvinas reinforcements for this last stretch of the league! Welcome soldiers!

September 8th: Frankosio Joins MeT as Coach

September 7th: Newstar acquires LDM roster, Prede replaces Slemds

The Chilean organisation of Newstar has acquired the core of the LDM Esports roster which currently sits down in fourth place in the South American Championship. As well as this, the Uruguayan player of Santiago "Slemds" Alèn has been replaced by Juan "Prede" Carrillo who returns to the team after previously competing with them during last year's Challenger League tournament.

September 7th: Connor Joins MeT 

September 4th: AsK and resetz replace xS3xycake and HSnamuringa on Team Liquid

As reported on Sep. 1 by SiegeGG, Team oNe academy player Gabriel "AsK" Santos and Black Dragons player Pablo "resetz" Oliveira have now officially replaced Thiago "xS3xyCake" Reis and João "HSnamuringa" Deam on Team Liquid.

Read our full report.

September 3rd: Bassetto joins Black Dragons

The ex-SuperNova Team player of Guilherme "Bassetto" has joined Black Dragons to replace Liquid-bound resetz. 

Bassetto previously competed on Imperium for the last few months in which he finished as the runners-up during Stage 2's Brazil Cup tournament. Here he was the second-best player in the tournament with a 1.21 SiegeGG Rating on the support operators of Thermite and Smoke. 

Near the end of August, he then joined SuperNova only to now be picked up by BD just seven days later. Bassetto will make his pro-tier debut on September 11th against MIBR as the BR6 League returns for Stage 3.

We are more prepared than ever, and ready to fight for the top of the @R6esportsBR
Enough of surprise, now we have the skill and bullet of the @BassettoR6 on our line!

September 2nd: Dark joins FaZe Clan

The ex-analyst for 9z Team of Cesar "Dark" Adriano has joined FaZe Clan as their analyst ahead of Stage 3 of the BR6 League. 

After previously exiting Stage 1's Brazil Cup in the first round on Vegas Scorpions Esports, Dark then moved to a staff role on the Argentinian roster of 9z Team during Stage 2. Here he helped the roster to a runners-up finish in the South American Championship followed by a first-round exit at the Elite Six Cup.

Now, he returns to his native Brazil to aid FaZe Clan following their worst stage since Season 4 of the Pro League. Here he will work alongside the team's coach of Matheus "Ramalho" with the team's next game coming up on September 11th against Santos e-Sports.

Joined @FaZeClan. What were dreams years ago are now goals and targets, and it's a pleasure to accomplish everything with these guys. Thank you very much for the opportunity and confidence. #FaZeUp

September 2nd: resetz leaves Black Dragons

The Black Dragons player of Pablo "resetz" Oliveira has officially left the team as he is set to join Team Liquid as previously reported by SiegeGG.

The newly turned 18-year-old player initially joined Black Dragons at the beginning of the 2021 Season, however, had to play Stage 1 on the academy roster due to his age where he finished in the quarter-finals of the Brazil Cup. 

Following this, Stage 2 saw him join the main BD roster in which he achieved a 1.07 SiegeGG Rating as the team finished in sixth place during both the BR6 League and the Elite Six Cup.

Today, unfortunately, we announced the departure and said goodbye to @resetzR6.
Thanks for everything, child!
Thanks for the last split and for this time with us! We are grateful for everything!
We know of your potential and we wish you all the success in the world on your new journey

September 1st: Dxrk leaves 9z Team

The second-placed lineup in the South American Championship of 9z Team has lost their Brazilian analyst as Cesar "Dxrk" Adriano exits the team after just three months.

We appreciate the great work as an analyst of our Rainbow Six team to @DarkR6_ that will no longer be part of the violet Purple heart
We wish you the best for your future!

September 1st: Max1mus leaves Six Karma, Olimpo moves to coach position.

After six months on the roster, "Max1mus" has left his position as the coach of the fourth-placed team in the Mexican Championship, Six Karma. In his place, the team's analyst of Gerardo "Olimpo" Garay Gamez will take up his coaching duties.

September 1st: Reports: AsK and resetz to replace xS3xyCake and HSnamuringa on Liquid

As first reported by The Clutch and ESPN Esports Brasil, and independently verified by SiegeGG, Team Liquid is set to replace Thiago "xS3xyCake" Reis and João "HSnamuringa" Deam with Team oNe academy player Gabriel "AsK" Santos and Black Dragons player Pablo "resetz" Oliveira.

Read about this change in full detail in its dedicated coverage article, here.

September 1st: Kheyze Joins W7M Gaming

Diego "Kheyze" Zanello has joined the BR6 roster of W7M Gaming to replace mav who left the team back in July.

Kheyze previously finished last year's BR6b Challenger League tournament in eighth place and Stage's 1 and 2 of the 2021 Brazil Cup in fourth and joint fifth place, having most recently played for VINCIT Gaming.

Now, as Stage 3 approaches, Kheyze will make his pro-tier debut on the last-placed team in the BR6 against Team oNeas the roster aims to escape the relegation zone before the end of the season.

September 1st: Max1mus Leaves Six Karma

Good afternoon, I make this tweet to comment that I am still under contract with @SixKarmaEsports, but I have been allowed to listen to offers for this Split 3 of League A and League B, competitive experience, I can send my CV and proof of my work.

September 1st: Dark Leaves 9z Team

FAREWELL: DARK We appreciate the great work as an analyst of our Rainbow Six team to @DarkR6_that will no longer be part of the violet  We wish you the best for your future!

August 30th: August Leaves Kingdom Gaming

Hello band I am F / A and I am willing to receive offers from league A and B anything by inbox here on twitter or my personal DC August # 7833 RT is appreciated

August 27th: Bersa joins Atheris Esports

The leading Mexican lineup of Atheris Esports has picked up the ex-FURIA player of Victor Hugo "Bersa" Bruschini to replace Six Karma-bound Luís "Navy" García.

Read about this change in detail in its dedicated article.

August 24th: Navy leaves Atheris, joins Six Karma

A day after leaving Atheris Esports, Luís "Navy" García has joined Six Karma for Stage 3 of the Mexican Championship.

Navy previously finished every official Mexican tournament last year as the runners-up on Timbers before joining Atheris this year. On Atheris Navy ended Stage 2 as the top-placed team in Mexico and managed to finish Stage 1's Elite Six Cup all the way up in sixth.

We would like to warmly welcome you to @R6Navy Who will be joining #LaOlaVerde for our squad of #Rainbow6latam . Let's go for that league #R6LATAM!

August 24th: Mireles Released From Chivas Esports

Following a sixth-place finish on Pixel Esports Club during the 2020 Season, Brandon "Mireles" Mireles has spent the whole of the 2021 Season down in seventh place on Chivas Esports as well as being first rounded during both Mexican Cups. 

Now, as they hope to escape the relegation zone before the end of the season, the team has dropped their second player of this transfer period following AlanDerf back in July.

Today with nostalgia, but with all our best wishes, we say goodbye to one of our Rojiblancos  Wherever you go, success is the protagonist  THANK YOU, @MireleSix!

August 23rd: StonyK Leaves Six Karma

After qualifying for this Season via the Series B Challenger League tournament, Six Karma then finished both Stages 1 and 2 as well as Stage 1's Mexican Cup in fourth place before losing to Alpha Team to finish Stage 2's Mexican Cup as the runners-up. 

Now, Ricardo "Stony" Ramírez has left the team to be replaced by Navy the following day.

I am LFT for the third split, I reside in CDMX I have commitment and motivation to win everything! 100% flexible schedules. Role: Entry / Fragger / Anchor and IGL Teams: IGNIS, Six Karma My DMs are open, Discord Stony # 4702, RT appreciated

July 29th: el_barto Retires

After finishing in last place during both stages of the South American Championship this year, the Chilean player of Iván "El barto" Iturra has retired from R6S.

Previously, el_barto finished the 2020 Season in joint third on LBS Esports, however, this Stage fell to become one of the lowest Rated players in the league at 0.86 on Valkyrie and Ace.

I can give gg. They were 3 years of highs and lows that came to an end, a shame to have to leave him with this bad taste in his mouth (current situation in the league) but my job is different and I cannot continue halfway through both. 3 years where I met great companions and rivals.

July 29th: AlanDerf Leaves Chivas

The Chivas player of Alan "AlanDerf" Ramírez has left the team after four months following a seventh-place finish during both Stages 1 and 2 in the Mexican Championship.

Prior to this, he played on the Atheris roster on which he finished as the runners-up during the 2019 Mexican Championship and third during the 2020 Season.

Today we stand up and with much affection, we say goodbye to @AlanDerf_
WE THANK YOU for your persistence and everything you gave by and for the team
We wish you all the successes wherever you go and health above all things
This will always be your home

July 28th: Mav Leaves W7M Gaming, Coach Abreu to Stand-in for Copa do Brasil

After being joining W7M at the beginning of this stage, the former FaZe Clan player and Team Liquid coach Rafael "mav" Loureiro Freitas has left the team.

This comes after he had been the lowest-rated full-time player in Stage 2 of the 2021 BR6.

After having been dropped by FaZe a year ago, mav had then transitioned to a coaching role and joined Team Liquid ahead of the latter's November Regional Major victory.

Six months later, he had then been dropped by Liquid as well following an investigation from the organisation into abuse allegations. 

Following this, Stage 2 saw him return to a player role with W7M Gaming, with the roster securing six points across the nine games thanks to overtime victories over Black Dragons, MIBR, and Santos. However, this was not enough to lift W7M out of last place.

During this stage, mav averaged a 0.71 rating, which was the third-lowest (behind MIBR's coach of Budega and FelipoX, who played the season with a controller) in the entire league.

I inform you here about my departure from W7M. I was looking forward to the Brazil Cup and felt that the team was improving as, despite the last few bad games, in general we were doing well in training against top4 teams, but maybe for psychological reasons this is not confirmed in the games.

I apologize to the fans and my teammates who placed their trust in me and I wish everyone success, I hope they manage to get out of this situation because I know how dedicated they are to this.

July 26th: Asterix Leaves Malvinas

After coaching Malvinas Gaming to a first-place finish in Stage 2 of the South American Championship and a subsequent eighth-place finish during the Elite Six Cup, Alvaro "Asterix" Aguilar Pagliaricci has left the team.