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GSA League Day 6: G2’s German Duo Debut, Secret Falls to GoSkilla

Prior to Thursday, Day 6 was looking like it would be just like any other. However, G2 had other plans in mind with their jaw-dropping roster changes.

The Berlin-based organisation set the scene on fire after announcing the departure of the Finns Kantoraketti and UUNO, who have been replaced by the German pair of Hungry and Jonka.

The move was announced just hours before the start of the play day, leading to many fans scrambling to the GSA League to see the new roster in action.

Meanwhile, Team Secret and Rogue’s matches were against two of their immediate competitors in the Top 4 race; GoSkilla and PENTA, respectively.

Let’s have a look at how the games this week panned out.

Team GoSkilla 8-6 Team Secret

Just like G2’s match, this game was also highly anticipated by many, as it would give the viewers more information on how Pacbull and Keenan fit the roster. Although the roster with UKIN flavour enjoyed a brilliant start last week, this week was a whole different story.

Team Secret started things off right with a 3-1 start, but that would then be equalled by GoSkilla before half time.

The European League team then looked stronger on attack, however it was a mad 1v2 clutch by the British player of GoSkilla that stopped Secret from getting the three points. Pacbull was left alone, planting with zero seconds on the timer, and M4DMAN secured an easy kill to force overtime.

From then on, it was all GoSkilla. The mixed-European roster secured the first defence and completed the win after a well planned attack onto the basement, with Solotov the MVP of the match after securing 20 kills.


G2 Esports 7-3 Ovation eSports

It was then G2’s turn to show what they had with this new roster and it’s  so far, so good. 

The Germany duo of Hungry and Jonka seemed to slot into the G2 roster well, having officially replaced the Finnish duo of Kantoraketti and UUNO just hours prior to the GSA play day.

Although their opponents were the current seventh placed of Ovation, the German squad gave them a tough fight during the first half, as G2 swapped sides with a 4-2 lead. But G2 did not have problems closing out the rounds on defense and easily secured the three points, cruising to a 7-3 win. 

Incredibly, after five weeks, this was the first G2 game in the current edition of the GSA without a CTZN MVP award. Instead, it was Virtue who took top honours, with CTZN in fact the lowest rated player on G2.


Sissi State Punks 7-1 GC Esport

The only match of the day without European League representation, it was nevertheless a crucial one for both teams’ aspirations. 

While SSP were looking for a win to keep up with the leaders’ pace and maintain the distance between them and the rest of the Challenger League rivals, GC Esport came to this game with the intention to win their first match in the competition.

But, it was not meant to be. SSP were far superior as they successfully won five of their six attacks on Chalet, currently the only attacker sided map in the map pool. 

Daya’s ace in the third round made him the MVP of the game, as GC Esport slumped to yet another defeat.


Rogue 8-7 PENTA

The day ended with a Rogue win against PENTA after a very closely fought game on Kafe. Despite the result, it was Rogue who largely had the control of the match, having been up 6-3 while defending.

But PENTA reacted just in time, despite being on the disadvantaged attacking side. Tsuky’s clutch in Round 12 forced an overtime that did not seem possible a few rounds before, but it was Rogue who won the game after winning their two defences in overtime. 

Korey finished the game as the MVP, consigning PENTA to a third overtime defeat out of three overtime games so far.


What is next?

Next week is anything but predictable.

The Top 4 will see two superb clashes, as SSP will face Team Secret and G2 Esports will face Rogue in what will be the first game between the European League sides in more than a month.

Meanwhile, the Challenger League contenders of PENTA and Team GoSkilla will face Ovation and GC Esport, respectively. 

A possible SSP loss to Secret and the likely wins from GoSkilla and PENTA could tighten the table, with the teams set to get even closer to each other if G2 Esport loses to Rogue. 

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