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#2 Player of Year 5: Muzi

Muzi's efforts this year led Ninjas in Pyjamas to new heights, and he earns a place as the second best player of Year 5.

#2 Player of Year 5: Muzi

Muzi has risen to elite status in Year 5.

In Year 4 it was clear he had talent, but he was still inexperienced and parts of his game were still raw. Now, with another year under his belt, he has proven an absolute monster of a player and consistently tops the charts for the Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP). 

Tournament Rating K-D (+/-)
BR6 2020 Stage 1 1.21 169-116 (+53)
August BR Major 1.41 78-40 (+38)
BR6 2020 Stage 2 1.19 159-110 (+49)
November BR Major 1.14 72-62 (+10)
BR6 2020 Finals 1.01 23-21 (+2)
BR6 2021 Stage 1 1.14 84-69 (+15)
Copa Elite Six Stage 1 1.29 74-47 (+27)
Six Invitational 2021 1.14 188-144 (+44)

Muzi's best performance of the year came at the August Major, where he would achieve an impressive 1.41 rating over the course of the Ninjas' eight maps played. For his efforts, Muzi took home MVP honours alongside the tournament win. 

Through the remainder of the year, NiP would still be competitive in the Brazilian region, but they would be passed up by regional rivals and eventually hit their lowest point just before the Six Invitational -- fifth place in Stage 1 of the 2021 BR6. 

Due to this decline in form, many doubted the Ninjas' ability to go deep in the tournament, instead backing regional rivals Team Liquid or international favourites BDS and TSM to take home the Caber. 

At the event itself, they would be proven wrong.

After some group stage hiccups, NiP would cruise through the Upper Bracket and into the Grand Final, taking down BDS, FaZe Clan, and MIBR on their way.

Muzi would be critical in the Ninjas' first playoff game, a critical 2-1 win over BDS that featured an 8-7 on Map 3 to decide which team advanced, and would earn a team-highest 1.38 Rating with a 50% survival rate. 

In the Grand Final, Muzi would be a key player in taking down Team Liquid and giving Ninjas in Pyjamas the title, finishing with the second-highest rating on the team. Throughout the whole event, Muzi was similarly second best on his team and would be awarded an EVP medal for his efforts. 

Muzi's rise to elite status in Year 5 has been impressive and now the Ninjas have a young star duo that can serve as the heart of the team for years to come. 

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