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Year 5 Community Member of the Year: Reaper_EN

Reaper's ability to help fans understand the nuances of professional play has deepened engagement for viewers.

I don't want to waste your time, so there won't be an intro.

When a Siege fan hears these words, they know they are in for a treat — deep analysis, insightful commentary, and a high chance of seeing professional Rainbow Six from a new angle.

Reaper's videos are excellent at bringing pro-level analysis to the average fan. As a former coach of Rogue, his insight in explaining why a team is so strong on a certain map,  why a certain site has a creative new strategy that's changing the meta, or why a particular round had such interesting teamplay and tactics is sorely needed to help deepen fans' understanding and appreciation of professional play. 

Combined he has tallied nearly four million views on this year's videos, a library that is entirely dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of R6 esports. With nearly 300,000 views, his most viewed video this year is a twelve-minute detailed breakdown on the meta surrounding one single wall in the game - the outside wall in CCTV on Club House. 

His content spans a broad array of topics, even including one attempt at reverse engineering SiegeGG's own player Rating formula (a valiant effort!). In addition to his presence on YouTube, he also regularly streams on Twitch, breaking down VODs live for hundreds of eager fans, and has amassed nearly 20,000 followers doing this.

Sadly, shortly after SI Reaper announced that he would no longer be making Youtube videos due to lack of enjoyment, burnout, and poor performance of the content itself. However, he said he may still stream on twitch - so hope remains for more Reaper content in the future.

In Year 5, Reaper was one of the best ambassadors for Rainbow Six Esports, bringing deep competitive knowledge to the average viewer in a way that few others were able to accomplish.

The following is the sixth award in our Year 5 Awards series. Click here to view all of the awards, the announcement schedule, and their winners. Check back in each day for new awards to be announced!