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Year 5 Rookie of the Year: Alem4o

Alem4o's rise to stardom in Year 5 shows that Brazil will have no shortage of talent for years to come.

As a player, Alem4o has improved dramatically and asserted himself as one of the best young stars in Brazil and the world. 

He started his professional career just before the beginning of Year 5, being signed by INTZ in December 2019 shortly after turning 18 years-old and becoming eligible for competitive play. 

Initially, he struggled in Season 11 of the Pro League - he was the lowest-rated player on a mediocre INTZ team that was not particularly noteworthy in any way. But the young rookie was not deterred and was able to completely turn his play around in 2020. 

In the two BR6 stages in 2020, Alem4o was the seventh and 10th-highest rated player; the highest on his team in both instances. His efforts were not enough to generate wins, though, as INTZ continued to languish in the lower-middle section of the standings. 

After a failed bid to qualify for the Six Invitational 2021 with INTZ, Alem4o had a stroke of fortune.

Team oNe, after selling its promising roster to MIBR, was building an entirely new team. The organisation had already secured a spot at the Six Invitational due to the global points standings, so Alem4o would have a chance to play on R6's biggest stage after all. 

Before his shot at the Invitational, the young star had a chance to once again prove his talent in the first stage of the 2021 BR6 and he was uttterly dominant.

Alem4o finished as the fourth-highest rated player in the league behind only Paluh, Nesk, and LuKid. And now, he would get his shot at the best teams in the world on LAN in Paris.

Team oNe were definitely underdogs at the event, but had proven they could compete with the best, especially after their top-four finish in the Copa Elite Six just prior that had featured a win over FaZe Clan. 

At the event itself, Alem4o flourished, sporting the 15th-highest rating and being the only player on his team to achieve a positive score.

His most memorable play was part of an incredible overtime comeback win over G2 Esports in the group stage, where he dropped 20 kills highlighted by this Ace to keep his team alive.

However, Team oNe themselves put on a mixed showing with a good group stage, before sending home then-reigning champions SSG in the first round of the playoffs. While they would fall to Team Empire in the next round, the showing marked a respectable 9th-12th placement for the young Brazilian squad. 

If Alem4o is able to keep on his current trajectory and accrue some team success to complement his individual performances, he is sure to be a top player in Brazil for years to come. 

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